Short story – PART 2: Have You read this before?

Short story – PART 2: Have You read this before?

Before you read about Part 2, be sure to read where it all started with Short story – Did you hear about the kids outside the store?

As we had left off in the previous published post all of the young boys were going into the store.  But you have no idea where this place is or what the store sells not even an idea what it looks like.  Well that store is just like any bookstore we have read about with the smell of books, a little dust here and there.  There is new book smell in random areas mainly in the front of the store. 

Shortly after walking in the door had closed, that happened rather abruptly and startled nearly all of us but Lee.  He seemed to not bother with anything going on around him and more focused on what was happening.  I say it like that because he was looking at the man that had welcomed us all into the store.  He leaned over and told us in a clear voice that was just above a whisper.  We all stopped chatting and looking and pointing at things.  Seeing Lee looking at the man and a few of us tapping others to look at Lee.

What stood out was this man dressed in jeans a T-shirt, but why does that stand out?  Because in this bookstore every thing else is weird and very different than any store we had seen in the movies or anywhere else.  Later we learned that Lee had been a reader and traveled to many libraries in different states around the world, because his dad travels for business and they use to move a lot. 

Telling my story is going to slow for me, are you all right if I jump forward?  Oh good no objections then, let’s do that and jump forward.  Seeing how the store is and how many books there are they literally go from the floor to the ceiling and along every wall.  As we traveled into the store, it seemed were half way into the store, but we all said after leaving “that the store is a lot small than it looks!”  Now where we thought was half way should have been outside of the store and as we looked around and then back to the front door it was so very far away.  We could not hear the man and some of my friends talking any more. 

We heard the man shout, “Do not go to far back, it will be difficult to get you back!”  We thought how could it be difficult we just walk back, so we ignored him and kept going.  Soon we realized that we cannot see the front of the store and we were getting scared.

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