Why am I so hungry? What am I so hungry for?

Why am I so hungry?  What am I so hungry for?

The things I just asked maybe on your mind right now.  Have you ever asked yourself these questions: why am I so hungry?  What am I so hungry for?  
Photo taken by: Eileen GY

Do you want to know the answer to these questions and to more of your questions?  Ever asked or been asked these things too. 
Photo taken by: Eileen GY

How can I be full and still be hungry?

Ate your favorite foods and still hungry; why am I still hungry?

I’ve been snacking and eating through the entire day and cannot get full. Is something wrong?

Seems all I do is eat and eat and still hungry. Do I need to see a doctor, again?

I ate the food and feel guilty for it, and worse is I am still hungry. What is going on? 
Photo taken by: Eileen GY

 Do you have these questions on your mind and cannot figure out why and what is going on?  But you want to loose weight and really want to have peace about eating food and not feeling like it is a chore or punishment.  Does any of this or all of it sound very familiar to you? 
Photo taken by: Eileen GY

When I share with you the answer.  Most likely you are not ready for it and you rather say No, you rather reject it, you rather be right in what you believe in what you think.  Would you rather be wrong and slim, wrong and be healthy our would you rather be right and remain unhealthy, fat, skinny, see food as a type of enemy, that it is a chore, that it is something you have to do. 

No matter what I say it can be the very best answer in the world, but if you want to stick with your answer; then you will do just that.  The results you are already familiar with it, it is something you are living with right now!
Photo taken by: Eileen GY

Decide what is more important to you and be prepared to accept the answer.  Are you sure you are ready?  For your peace of mind and not waking up in the middle of the night to eat food, to not stop what you are doing to eat or keep eating even after you are full, or having to eat until you are full, or over full where your stomach hurts.  Perhaps you have pains in the intestines or stomach, this will sound harsh, but it is meant to wake you up! 

The answer is probably going to surprise you and it will help you once you accept it, believe it, and learn more on what to do.  Do you remember this; “man does not live on bread alone”?  Well it is referring to feeding on the word of GOD, what do you do?  Only one thing, just one thing, and that is hearing, hearing, and hearing the word; just keep on hearing the word of GOD.  When I heard that the very first time, thought how does hearing a word from GOD feed my stomach.  That is my body the physical thing called a stomach and I am eating something called food, which is also something that I can touch.  As you feed your stomach three times a day you need to feed your spirit man too.

Therefore, some of you are ready to hear this and accept it and believe it.  It is all up to you, but I say comment below share what you have experienced in questions in what you have asked yourself.  Has the dieting worked, any diet and has any books you read on self-help on egos and counseling?  I am not putting down anyone else’s method but to me this is the answer and works. 

In the end of the day you have to live with yourself and you have to be happy with who you are and with your body.  If your not joyful about seeing yourself in the mirror, do not blame the mirror, it just reflects the truth. 

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