Are you blessed and being a blessing?

Are you blessed and being a blessing?

This is not about do more say more it is about taking action.  When you are blessed with a car and do not use it.  You are still blessed with a car, but your not being a blessing to yourself or to others. 

This again is not about doing more or showing off that you have this and they do not have it.  Why need or want things or want people in your life and then you do not share them?  Use those things by sharing them with those you love.  Some times we can use certain things to be helpful to others.  Money is a tool it can be used to help or hinder.  Like a knife it can harm or heal, when used for healing some of us will call that surgery. 

Are you blessed? 
What you consider to be blessings, others usually do not think about that, and visa verse.  To some people in the hospital they will say they are missing the days of being able to walk, run, and to get out of bed without help from others like a nurse.  But to some others they do not think of that they think of money. 

When you put this into another perspective that of a father or mother giving to gift to a child.  As a parent you love the child that is not the question that should be in your mind, but the question of giving the gift and its not being used or used and shared.  Did you give the wrong gift or the right gift but the wrong timing? 
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Do you agree that receiving a gift is a blessing?  What about giving a gift to someone is that too a blessing?  It’s a blessing to be able to bless others and to be so blessed to be a blessing is a blessing in itself. 

Back to the car would you agree that getting a branded car that is new great gift to get?  Would you agree that a gift is something you did not earn or pay for to get it?  What about the car, would you agree that it’s a gift and useful when it’s given to some one that is of legal age to drive?  Of course you need a drivers license to drive it and insurance too.
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Types of Blessings
Is being a blessing driving the car for your wife?  What about for your children?  Perhaps driving a friend home or a colleague?  Being a blessing can happen in many ways and often every day. 

Would you drop of your wife near to your house or near to her work or place she intends to go?  What about doing that for your children or parents?  Of course we would not do that to them, but we would want to take them all the way to where they need and want to go. 

Imagine someone offering a ride home to someone but putting conditions to it like I can drop you here.  Which only lets be near your home but not close by so you are unable to walk that distance in a reasonable period of time.  Is it a blessing to be able to get the ride home?  No of course not and certainly not a blessing like our Father GOD, our Abba GOD gives to us! 

Imagine you are licensed to drive a car but the gift you get is a motorbike and you do not know how to use it or you can drive automatic but not a stick shift.  Is that truly a blessing to you?  No because it is a giant paperweight, unless you sell it off and use that money. 

Being a Blessing
What truly is a blessing is an automatic car with everything working in it properly branded or not and it is new.  A car that has several seats for you and that you can share with your family and friends.  That is a good quality car and so comfortable that you enjoy driving it.  Something that is beautiful to look at and the ride is smooth the handling is very good.  Are you blessed? Yes!

Now imagine driving that car to pick up your friend from their home and take them to lunch.  You both share the cost of lunch and then you take your friend where he/she wants to go.  Is that a blessing? Yes!

We can be blessed to share memories, experiences, and information about many things.  Because you have been blessed you are able to bless.  Would you rather not share about places you have been, foods you have eaten, and memories you have about the things you had done? 

How am I blessed?
Can you talk, type, read, write, speak, hear, see and carry things?  You are blessed!  Can you say and do things without pains in your body?  You are blessed! Do you have family or friends?  What about tools like Smartphone’s, computers, and money?  Then you are blessed!  

Speak blessings over your life!
Do you say I cannot and I do not have?  Yes, then stop it; stop it right now by asking the Lord for His help.  Pray for transformation of whom you are and you will be blessed.  Speak words of praise over you, your life, and those you know that need it and over those you love.  There are many, many ways of being a blessing to others and to anyone.  

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