Asked & Answered Ken Infopreneur | Author | Consultant

Asked & Answered Ken Infopreneur | Author | Consultant

After completing that day’s meeting with our publisher, that’s when I had met Ken.  He was there doing business not just with me but some others.  That’s where we got to talk and we got along very well from the start.  So as we talked we realized this could be mutually helpful for both our businesses.  He wants people to know about his business and that he intends to be an author/writer, amongst some other things that his business encompasses.  

Ken with some of his friends. 
Photos supplied by: Ken

Currently his business like anyone working in any company out there wants more people to know about their company.  So having a bigger online presence is needed to reach more people to help them with their needs.  Just as I write my blog about three different subjects those three are things about people.  The result is about helping people.  By sharing the gospel of Grace more people are helped by hearing the word.  By sharing random stories on different things food, places, travels, another words information.  

Then there are the Asked & Answered, which is what this particular published post on my blog is about.  Which helps people share their dreams, their inspirational stories, their ideas, and of course the people behind those products and services.  They are not just a company or a branded name but people who are like you and me wanting to help people and earn money.  Money is a tool we can use to help others to help many people and we can do that in many ways like employing others in those companies.  Also we share information in Asked & Answered (A&A) after reading this may help you get ideas or from what you had read you share it with someone else that has the same dream as the person you know.

Me: Many times we see the name the face but nothing clicks unless we know something about the person or the place.  Another way to put it is story to help us remember, by seeing the face or name we realize it means something.  When we see your name what would you like us to think of?

Good question. My name’s Khinwai, but I’ve started introducing myself as Ken because it’s easier for others to remember. As the name suggests, Ken would connote a feeling of certainty, trust and possibility. I want others to know that if I “Ken” do it, so can they. Sorry for the bad pun.
Photos supplied by: Ken

Me:  Thank you  for the photos and for taking time out to share your story in my Asked & Answered.  Share with us some things that you have setup? 

I am an infopreneur as well as an investor. I manage 2 websites at the moment ( and, with the third being my own professional site on its way.

I am invested in Singapore securities and would like to soon venture into the overseas markets. I don’t promise to say I know a lot about stock investments, but I like to think of myself as a curator of knowledge that works. So far, my personal portfolio has been yielding me around 7%, while others whom I helped in the past, they are also yielding 8-10% returns compounded annually.

Thirdly, I am also an author in the making, writing my first book on sharing study strategies and secrets that allow secondary school to tertiary education students easily score ‘A’s for their exams.

You can view my public profile on LinkedIn at

Ken with another Entrepreneur of Information his name is Peng Joon.
Photos supplied by: Ken

Me:  Is there anything else that you offer?

One of my main products is a guide to help relieve anxiety and panic, which can be found at

I will also be promoting my website development services for $500 a page. I help clients who don’t have a website or web presence build theirs up. Or, if clients already have a site up and running, I’ll help them improve in SEO, online marketing and lead generation, depending on their business goals.

I’m also offering a service where I’ll give clients my two cents’ worth on any particular investment using the approach top investors like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch use.

A one-time charge will cost around US$197 where I analyze one company for them, over a period of 5 or 10 years and do basic technical analysis where I will finally suggest to them if it’s a good buy or not.

For ongoing basis, I will charge an initial fee of $397 for the first month, while the recurring months clients will only need fork out $89/mth for consultation and recommendations.

The details will be finalized at However, if clients are interested, they can contact me directly via my LinkedIn Page.

Me:  Any additional websites you want to share with our readers?


Me:  What books have you read?

Too many to count. Some of my favorites are Peter Lynch’s One Up On Wall Street, Mary Buffett’s Buffettology, and Invest Lah! (which is a Singapore publication). I also love self-improvement books such as The Secret and Man’s Search for Meaning.
Photos supplied by: Ken

Me:  Do have any hobbies? 

I play the guitar, piano and badminton.

Me:  What places have you traveled to?  What are some countries you want to travel to and why? 

I haven’t travelled much, only been to Malaysia and Hong Kong. But I would love to visit Europe, US as well as Canada, as they’ve been my childhood to-gos.

Me:  Appreciate the photos and all the URLs (Links) that you have shared.  Will you follow me on blog, Twitter, or Facebook? 

I have done so.

Me:  Thank you for following me on those sites.  Do you have any foods and drinks that you prefer?

I am trying to eat healthy foods now. And trying to stay away from fries…

Thank you, Ken for the sharing information, the help, and the time to do one of these A&As. 

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