Eyes of Grace and the Ears of Grace

Eyes of Grace and the Ears of Grace

When you see the world and you look at places, things that happen, and people.  How do you see it?  Do you want to look at people with opened eyes or sleepy eyes or eyes of anger?  Would you rather the see the world and all people and all that happens within the world with the eyes of Grace? 

What manner of spirit do you see the world is it filled with evil and with wickedness?  Shall these days be the ways seen by you or shall you open your eyes and no longer be blinded by those that do wickedly.

Put down those ways that are not of right and reach out your hand to Him.  Seek Him in all your ways for they are what cares you have and therefore He has.  Another words, what bothers you give to Him, for it bothers Him and He shall work for your good.

He does this for He loves you always there is no lack in thought, no lack in time, no lack in any action.  Thus, I say to you wake up and those with eyes to see shall see.

It is not the day, nor the night that wakes you., because if this was true then the dead would rise from the their graves.  It is your Heavenly Father; it is your Abba GOD who wakes you up.  So arise and shine for you are blessed with the light of the world.

Cast your eyes upon Jesus and see the Light of the world.  Those with eyes to see shall see and those with ears to hear shall hear. 

Do you listen to the noises in the world?  Do you listen to every spoken word by every man or by some men?  Why hear of wicked deeds and evil words? 

However listen closely and hear the word of GOD and keep on hearing, hearing, and hearing the word.  That is all you must do, take action that is good and heed thy words of the Lord for they are good news; the gospel.

How do I have eyes of Grace and the ears of Grace?  When you look at people see Jesus, when you listen to people hear Jesus. 

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