How do I know my age?

How do I know my age?

There are several ways to answer any question, so when you are asked something.  Is it wrong to ask them in response to a query?  Nope, you are not avoiding but clarifying things to know how to properly and accurately answer them. 

How old are you?  We have all been asked this but it is not accurately asked. So do not answer it in correctly.  When you read an application form for any employer, insurance company, and many other companies.  They only say “Age” on their application, they never ask in a accurately and properly.  So today I am going to share with you some of the differences of both.

I have been asked these things over a period of my lifetime. 

How old are you? Often used.
What’s your age?  Some times a look is given to emphasize other things like urgency or how come you did not get it the first time I had asked you.
You’re?  With them giving me a look, to add emphases and imply age.  But this comes with experience.
Consider these other ways to Ask someone about their age.
May I know your chronological age?
Please tell me your chronological age?

Chronological Age
Refers to measurement of time and how we talking about measuring the number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.  But the majority of us will refer to and answer someone in reference to years.  Then some of us will use months or years and months.  Example The baby is 14 months or the baby is 3 weeks. 

Mental Age
Refers to mental maturity, another words of the mind.  Thus affecting your behavior and you can be chronologically 20 but behavior of someone we think would be in there 70s.  However it can be the other way someone age 50 behaving as though they are young in there 20s.  But mental age is like waves or hills they have highs and lows they come and go. 

Physical Age
Which is determined by the Physician doing an examination and assessment of that data to make a type of estimation of the body’s age. 

Psychological Age
Another type of doctor a psychologist after a period of sessions determines your mental maturity.  Some of us have heard of the psychological makeup of a person, and then it can be affected by the number we heard from chronological age.  Thus affecting our mental state with little to a lot of barring on psychological and physical age. 

Metaphorical Life
Life Living technically you are alive in both; but one you actual make a choice, make a living, living.
Life Existing technically you are alive as I said in both.  But in this one you are stuck in that first choice of what use to be referred to as “stuck in a route”.

Why did I just mention Metaphorical Life?  Simply put it a metaphor of life it is not accurate you are alive both.  Do you agree?  Then as I stated in both you are alive so again I am saying alive right now; you are alive.  But this life are you doing much with it, do you merely wake up, prepare for working in school, a company, in college, in the house?  OR do you wake up saying I am making a choice and living by that choice, therefore never quitting I am adapting. 

Do you agree that people need to adapt to their surroundings?  No, then why did you go to college?  Why did you go to school?  Why did you change your answers when being Interviewed or to complete a sale?  I did not say lie nor am I implying it.

Two quick examples…
1.     Interviewer asks why do you want to work here?  Answer: Money, you guys pay more.  Adaptive Answer:  I’ve discovered several things about this company and we have the same goals.
2.     Customer asks how much is this VCR? Answer: $500.  Adaptive Answer: The price was $700, because right now it’s on sale for $500.

We are all role models especially to our children and the children in our families.  Do you want to be seen as old, tired, ignorant, weak, helpless, whinny, complainer, annoying, or irritating?  Change your mind and follow through with how you speak then write. 

How old are you?
Do you mean what is my age?
I am chronologically ____ years of age.

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