I rather be right than be wrong about it!

I rather be right than be wrong about it!

Do you have this thought of “I rather be right about things, than be wrong about it!”  Do you admit that you are wrong?  Do you admit being wrong to anyone?  What about to yourself? 

Being right no matter what is more than being mistaken for arrogance and ignorance it is at the root of it all self-righteousness.  But would you dare to admit it?  Rather be right than wrong is that what you prefer? 

How many times has this affected performance in your works?  How many times have this affected your relationships with people that we refer to as: colleagues, associates, friends, and most of all our families?  Why did I say families?  Some are by blood and some are by marriage and some are by mutual acceptance.  Meaning you and that person both call each other family. 

But then that self-righteousness flares up and burns so many things away.  Leaving destruction in your relations, heart, and mind.  Thus bitterness forms and we speak bitterly and once you eat bitter fruit you speak bitterly often. 

Anyone that has dated anyone, married anyone, or had a boss that we noticed had what we call “attitude”, that was all about “do it my way or it’s the highway” or we heard “do it or else” either it was said or implied strongly.  Since none of us are perfect, including myself, and that means we all had moments of being I am right you are wrong. 

Here is a little more of a flashback for everyone.  Remember when we heard “my house my rules, you don’t like it get out.”  That stems from self-righteousness and is very much an immediate response of defenses up and retaliation. 

Let us always step back emotionally speaking and not respond based on feelings, feelings are finite they are so temporal, they come and go based on the moment.  It’s all right to be mad but do not let it take root.  It’s how we act upon those feelings that matters most. 

Are you GOD?  If you say No then you are not perfect and you have issues with this posting that I had published on my blog, right?  Then grab something to write with and paper and jot down what you think GOD is after that come back to the next paragraph. 

Now that you have written that down it and preferably in details and now on another paper write down an equal number of things you love about the world at least eight of them.  It can be the ocean, mountains, stars, and trees or some things more specific like Mt. Saint Helens, Pikes Peak, or Grand Canyon. 

Ready for the next part?  Good let’s finish this up right now down yes or no next to each of those things.  Referring to this question; can you or mankind create this?  Can you create the seas, oceans, mountains, trees, mammals, animals, inner space, outer space, all the above and all in things of all things?  If you have one No anywhere on that list, then man is not GOD.  Therefore no one knows everything, about all things, and not even everything about one thing that’s on your list. 

Imagine being asked tell me everything about that sea or mountain?  What about every hole, tree upon it, lake, river, stream, hiking trail, and every mineral.  Everything means everything not some things but all of it. 

Who here has children or babysat or taught anyone?  Remember not anyone is perfect; we are not born knowing anything.  One of my favorites to hear is “I am not a salesperson” actually I want to laugh at this now instead of being angry or frustrated.  Who has been to school?  Nearly every person on the Earth and some of us have been to a Junior College or University or both.  I brought this up, because all of us at one time had said, “I am not ____.”  But you are right you are not a carpenter, salesperson, auto mechanic, machinist, engineer, technician, programmer, chief of operations, chief executive officer or any other position you can name and you can name them all.  Until you went to get that education that experience, and change your mind is where it starts. 

Again it is all self-righteousness!  It is keeping you from being blessed, keeping you in your place in the pit surrounded by lies, darkness, accusations, and stealing your days away from you leading down a path of destruction and death.  Why listen to the world you call crazy, messed up, lost, full of bad things? 

It’s time to enjoy the dreams that GOD has blessed you with and be in hot pursuit of your dreams!  Find people that are like-minded, by sharing your dreams with people as you do then you will find out that more and more people have the same dreams.  Many of them will have the same number of dreams as you do.  By sharing good things and the gospel of grace we are reminded of the blessings from our Lord our GOD.  We are reminded of the gospel and all goodness and good things that came from our Abba GOD.  That we have a relationship with Him, a sonship, and we can praise Him, be thankful to Him, and be loved and love Him.  The way a son loves the father and father the son that kind of relationship is very different than other types of love especially like.  Let this relationship and His agape love for you break the ties that bind you, the iron bars that in prison you, and the root of it self-righteousness that begot condemnation that has bounded you in that pit.  For His agape love shall set you free, break free now, and start right now. 

One of my dreams is sharing the gospel, talking about Jesus, and by doing this I am also helping myself to remember Him.  I love being reminded every day of grace and any platform can be used to share the gospel (good news). 

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I WAS HERE – Christopher