Part 6 – Have you read this before?

Part 6 – Have you read this before?

For all those seeing this story for the first time, I recommend that you go back to the beginning and read it.  Start with Short story – Did you hear about the kids outside the store?.

The store just expanded again!  Look over there it’s huge, what could be happening now?  It’s the truck see it there, it’s on the back right.   There is two trucks, no, no, there is more than that there is eight trucks!  Look around us the store is much larger than it was before so much larger.  It just keeps on getting bigger and bigger! 

What do we do now?  Let’s grab our friends and get to the front of the store, Lee what do we do now?  Grab each other and do not let go and then close yours, all of us have to close our eyes expect for me.  We have no time for me to teach you just do it.  We ask, we just close our eyes; that is all we do?  We need to close them and I will do the rest of it, but do exactly, I mean do as I say or we could get lost inside the store.  Everyone got that?  We all shouted yes and closed our eyes and then he suddenly pulled us and said take a big step and keep your eyes closed do it now! 

After the big step he said, forgot to tell you do not think of where you want to go and we have to do it again.  We did it again and Gab asked, why are we doing this, this will never work.  Then he said you say that after all we have seen in the store and experienced in what seems like a day.  Again we did it and it worked better we took a big step with our eyes closed and opened them to see the front of the store! 

We said about the others?  How do we find them?  They should be here with us!  I will take care of that all of you stay here.  Then I left them and went looking for the rest of our friends.  Before I moved a hand reached over and grabbed my shoulder preventing me from taking a step, pulling me back and then he spoke.  Wait there are things you need to know before you go any further.  For I have found you and need to teach you, we have time and you do not need to rush around knowing so little about the store. 

Turning around looking up at his face, but all of us knew he was very serious and not listening to him before caused a lot of confusion.  No one said a word and we remained silent some nodding others smiled reassuring him we are ready to listen.  However, it was only for me to know is what he said and the others need to wait here and then we were gone!

No one was around not one other person only we were here and where is here?  For this was not the store any more it was something far, far different than the unexplained things that we have been sharing with you up to this point.  But I had asked him what happens now? 

He replied, “You learn and my teaching you begins!”

PART 7 - Have you read this before?

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