PART 7 – Have you read this before?

PART 7 – Have you read this before?

Just started to read this story then you better catch up with the rest of us and read where it all began.  Right here is PART 1 - Short story – Did you hear about the kids outside the store? 

What will you teach me?  Can this wait until after finding the rest of our friends?  I will teach you about “The Store” and why it has no other name and how things work so very differently inside the store.  Yes your friends can wait they are not in any danger here; if they were the store would let us know.  Time here as you have learned is vastly different than what you know of it and ever learned about it.  For them the time they share in here is very brief, compared to this area of the store.  But for those outside they will think all of you have been gone an hour at most. 

However, for us we are standing in another area of the store the lobby to the outer office is another type of time field.  Where time here is as vast of a difference as the storefront is to the outside world.  What would take a year to learn outside would take you a day here in the storefront.  But here in the lobby it would be like teaching you for four years and it is only a day.  The best place to learn is the center office up stair one hour there is equal to learning four years outside in the world.  

There is something else you need to know about these areas, whilst in the store the body stops ageing.  When you go outside the store then slowly this effect wears off but it takes a day to a month.  Depending on what area of the store you are exposed to.  Those working in the store experience this on a much slower basis and those that work here full time it has no effect on them when outside the store. 

We already started your training and these next steps are so important for you.  You have been tested before you arrived outside the store and several more after coming inside and you have passed them all.  Chosen to become the next junior partner in the store and that is special role and mentorship that you will receive. 

We shared many things during this time and all of you are my friends that I am sharing this story with.  Now many of you had asked me how come I look the same some say surgery some say exercise, but after hearing this story a lot of you do not believe it.  We talked over the years about the store and why I kept asking all us to meet here for drinks every week.  As we sit here talking some of you are asking yourselves and looking around wondering is it true; without being caught by anyone sneaking a peek of the store. 

It is true and you are not harmed by anything I have shared and all of you have known me a long time.  I am Lee your friend for decades and decades to come.  Come here on your birthday and make a wish it will have a great effect upon your entire year, not the calendar year but the birth year.  We all know today is Gab birthday, therefore for those that believe and do not believe it.  Gab can make a wish keep it a secret write it down on paper and place it in this special vault that takes all of us to open it.  Each of us will be given a key and takes all of our keys to open it at the same time they must be turned.  No pressure Gab but make a wish tell no one, there will be no one to help you achieve it.  Very softly whisper it in the store and it will happen.  But cannot be anything bad or evil it must be good something helpful for you or anyone or any place. 

Gab whispering and no one heard a word only sounds of air as the words were being said and then we made some jokes and laughter came about.  Just as the birthday lunch had finished.  The store is closed today only we are inside and then everyone cell (mobile) phone rang at the same time.  We all got startled except for Lee as we looked at him; we thought had played a stunt on us. 

See what is happening in the present and what a Junior Partner can do!

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