Part 8 – Have You read this before?

Part 8 – Have You read this before?

Catch PART 1 - Short story – Did you hear about the kids outside the store?  Before you read any further.

Are you ready for this!?  It is time, time for the secrets to be revealed each one of them and this is going to happen rather fast over the next few parts including this one.  Buckle-up buckaroo for its going to be a very fast ride!

As the birthday day was ending and people we preparing to leave we started to talk and talk more about that phones all hand rung at the exact moment after her blowing out the candles.   Each of us quiet but once the silence was broken it came out like a flood busting through gates.  All of us got three wishes to be precise Gab got a brand new house, Daniel got a call about being able to go attend a university and that is a big thing since we are young kids still in elementary school.  Another wish happened to be a call from the owner to one of us?  Any guesses to whom?  I did say I would make this very fast ride.  You are not interested in waiting longer are you?  Good!  It was to Cryst by the owner, because remember Lee was being trained to take on the position of Junior Partner.  Those that did not figure it out or did, Lee is me and I’m sharing this story with you about a story being told to my group of friends, that had happened to us when we were students in primary school.  But presently we are sitting in the front right side of the store drinking and eating in the café’. 

But there is more, more to reveal to you about them about me.  Are you ready for this?  The Junior Partners get exactly that a partnership with the owner of the store.  But the more part is the store has a new store!  Yes another store is opening up and that store, that store as the same things the store does.  But it will take on the characteristics of the owner of that store.  Years ago that store was created from a wish for Cryst and that store became hers.  It has the style of anime, youthful, and a girl in the design of it.  That store is called that store and the store is the main location then there is another store.  I’m sure you get the idea but do you know why the names are that store, another store, and the store?  Simple it’s to keep people from figuring out how long stores have been around. 

Imagine right now telling someone to investigate this store and they ask what is the name of this store it’s this store that’s the name.  It would confuse and delay and sure does add costs too many people who tried to find out about it.  Name on all the signage is Store but we call it the, another, and that but which is used by staff.  They learned that from the owner and now the Junior Partners. 

But wait there is more and now about the things that happen.  Time, space, and learning are all affected they are not the same as outside.  Learning is faster because we remember more clearly, accurately, and completely. 

However as for me I took over the store, Cryst took that store and then there is another store that is for another story another time. 

Mick wanted to do gaming and run his own company he became the richest guy in gaming industry in the entire world.  Yet all of us come back here to the store on the same date every year and on our birthdays.  But this time is exactly ten years later marking a special wish for each of us Junior Partners and only for the us cannot be shared.  We can choose to take on an apprentice or go on a long vacation and give temporary control to a consultant. 

Why does it matter?  Well with any business you have decisions to make and that means what books go where, how high, how many rows and columns.  This has a great impact on the world and around the globe.  One time a customer came in bumped the history books and those outside say that this is what happened that year not so, but it is what they remember.  When a world book was dropped there was thunderstorms heard around the world.  Glad no one realized it had happened at the same exact time. 

When a page was torn I had moments to repair with page glue, I took to long to repair it and volcano erupted a few years ago.  Some of my friends started to look nervous about me asking them to do the consultancy work.  Because I was so ready and in need of a vacation, however only Cryst and I had something else to reveal, we have been dating and planned to vacation together for the first time since she took over as Junior Partner. 

Surprised us both when Gab jumped up, I do mean literally and stated she would take on the store and that store for us.  We told her a big thank you gave hugs but explained it would be a strong physical and mental burden to under take both.  If either of us had something happen and failed to return, she would inherit both stores and all that comes with them! 

We shared with her about how the store will adapt to the personality of the person and start to model it’s self after that person.  That in each store there is responsibilities and gifts that come with it.  We live longer, we learn faster, we remember things in their entirety, and we read faster, we are fit and young.  We sleep seven hours on the dot always and the other hours are used to reading and running the store.  The store cannot be damaged that it has made it through every war, battle, and weathering of any storm including earthquakes.  But the books are different and must be kept safe from tearing, fire, water, theft, and most importantly no one can write in them!  It will change the world and things that happen to anyone.  Wishes are different it is protected and a gift from the store but the books are different.  Man can change them and the choices made by mankind. 

Is it Daniel, Mick, Cryst, Gab, or Lee?  Who shall take on the Consulting position, which can lead to a Junior Partner position?  Find out in the conclusion of PART 9 Have You read this before?

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