Do you have this question on your mind? Why do I seem to be always hungry or hungry after eating?

Do you have this question on your mind? Why do I seem to be always hungry or hungry after eating?

Imagine this as you sit at the table eating your food and thinking again of that diet you heard about or read about somewhere.  Seeing that food so very mouthwatering that you are ready to sink your teeth into those veggies and meats.  
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But that is not enough you want more foods and looking at the menu along with the nearby tables with foods sitting upon them.  Eying what foods to get and how many can you eat. 
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Starting with appetizers then main course and squeezing in a dessert and drinks!

But that is not enough your stomach is still seeking food and you have no space left.  Not able to eat a crumble of food not another tiny its y bits y bite of food, but that is not stopping this sensation of hunger. 

How many times have you faced such things?  You eat the so many dishes with different foods in them and eating more even a buffet has the same results.  However you are still hungry and you remember to diet.

Now you are a diet which a diet is means it is just away of eating.  Diet can mean eating hotdogs every day; another diet is eating ice cream once a day.  Considering I just said that how many of you think that sounds crazy?  Ever hear of the grapefruit diet or the blood type diet?  Again it is a way of eating that is a diet anything you come up with can be a diet.  
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 However, does not mean that it is right for you.  Does not mean that is healthy for your body, your age, your gender, and other symptoms like iron deficiency. 

But that hunger feeling that very hunger sensation does not allow you to get full.  Because your body is not hungry it is your spirit man.

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Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'" –Matthew 4:4

How many diets have you gone through? How many did you quit on before completely them or reaching your goal of weight loss?  Would it really hurt you to read the bible and feed on the living word of GOD?  Of course not!

Praying for weight loss, praying that all the bad in the food passes through your body without any harm to you, and praying for good things to be in the food and all that good to help restore to be a blessing to your body and you. Praying for transformations of your and your thinking.  These blessings will last longer and will continue to be a blessing.  I pray this for you right now in Jesus name and all those that agree say, amen. 
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