Tick Tock goes the Clock

Tick Tock goes the Clock

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We all want to see, and do things, and say things.  A man waiting watching and learning over time, thus becoming day’s, months, and years.  This man is like you and me, but there is a major deference to this one man.  He got annoyed, frustrated, and angry; so very angry that it was borderline hatred.   Of what was and not what is, he wanted things to change, he wanted new things, and anew had to come! 

Fueled by anger in the start but knowing this will never last, it will never sustain what he wanted, want he needed, and what he had to become!

Have you started to figure it out and did I get your attention yet?  Maybe you want to know who he is, why is he this way, and what he wants and needs?  Maybe you are not interested in the past but into the future?  Well I am not going to tell you about the future, some things are best left unsaid.  I will tell you about the past and about the present, the now. 

Are you ready for that, because if you are not then better stop right here, stop reading it right now.  That’s if you can, that is if you can stop asking yourself who is he, what did he do, why was he that way, and what is he now, where is he right now?

Many of us did not do what he did and refuse to do what he does until something forces us to change.  We either change for a moment or life changing moment it will be one for good or one for evil.  

Choose the path to wickedness to the way of the dark and you will remain on that side until another life changing moment.  Many bitter fruits that you might eat from that cause a lot to speak bitterly and deeds that are most foul.  That stench lingers upon anyone like death for it leads to death. 

What, you do not understand? 

When someone commits a crime selling illegal things or killing they hide it burying it with lies.  It affects their personality their very choices of what to say, do, and who to be working with.  Even how they date someone or marrying them is shrouded in lies and secrets do not tell anyone about this business the person does or whom they work with.  Some crimes are much more noticeable those are punishable by death or life sentences.

Choose the path of enlightenment stay in the light and all good things given enough time shall be revealed to you.  That is needed for you and is meant for your good.  Fulfilled with peace of mind which effects the body being at peace and able to sleep to be at rest.  Rejoicing follows and relaxation in untold measure that is found inside, it is a choice to be joy filled to be joyful. 

Therefore, those that choose the light might be tempted by the dark, but what is in darkness has yet to be revealed the horrors within.  Those that chose the light remain in the light more and more is revealed for it is in the light for all to see.  Do you learn more in a dark room or a room with the light on?  

Some times the paths look the same, but both look safe to do and good. However one of them is NOT and it leads to wickedness.  
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He got sick and tired of being sick and tired.  When it was sick it was to much to often when it was tired it was to many days of each week it was beyond often.  When he reached his limit and beyond instead of compiling a list of complaints instead of complaining more and more through out the days of work week.  He made a change in his mind that was a life changing moment. 

Keep doing what your doing you will get the same results.  When you do nothing, and you will, and you will get nothing.  But when you do something different you get different results and you will experience changes that will lead you out of your comfort zone into the adventure of a lifetime. 

Tick tock goes the clock, tick tock goes the clock many of us have heard that time waits for no man.  Being a success at quitting or failing.  It is time to make a life changing moment and each tick tock will bring you closer to many more successes.  Success is only limited by you and there are many types financial, parental, relationships, family, friends, and with yourself.
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