Asked & Answered: I refer to it as Entrepreneurial Approach to a New Life

Asked & Answered: I refer to it as Entrepreneurial Approach to a New Life

A friend of mine that I have talked with for several years and she has been working in her own business along with working in a company doing a job for them.  A lot of us refer to as a job but there is much more to what she is doing than a job. A job is actually what we do, not who we are.  She is a wife and a mother but those roles require much more than full time hours.  When we are working in a company doing that full-time, it has a cap of usually forty hours or in some countries that would be forty-four hours per week more or some times less.
Photos provided by: Kari

For this A&A we are talking with Kari and she is going to share some things about her and the works she has on going and remember everything is a work.  But lets talk about that another time. 

Me:  Thank you Kari for joining me for the first time on doing an A&A. You have been so helpful when I have questions about how-to blog and answered other things about blogspot, wordpress, and websites. 

When I had shared with her my idea of doing the A&A with her and she surprised me by writing to me right away in FB (Facebook), here is her response below.
Photos provided by: Kari
hi Christopher, thanks for doing the A&A, I've included the info for it and the URL below from our Facebook conversation:

I started doing "Disney" when my Dad was ill, because honestly, it brought me joy.

It brought me joy because Disney World, Disneyland - every "Disney Destination" is designed, executed by a team of people who really care - about families making life long experiences.

It's ALWAYS clean, ALWAYS friendly, ALWAYS light hearted and fun.

I wanted to share that joy, with other families and help them through the often-confusing process of planning a vacation at Walt Disney World. With 4 parks, 2 water parks, multiple resorts, attractions, events - and the 17th largest transportation system in the country, it's important to 'have a plan' when visiting - that's where I come in. For guests who let me book their Magical vacation - I will provide them with an itinerary. It's a great part time job, or side job, because I get to 'live vicariously' through my friends and family and referrals when THEY visit Disney, just by planning for them and looking at their pictures. It's win win!

I'm most looking forward to participating in Star Wars Weekends someday. (in June, at Walt Disney World)

What I do is have access to Disney booking. My job primarily is to provide an itinerary for guests at Disney Destinations; my commission is for the booking. My service is complimentary.

But yes, eventually - when I retire, the plan is to do nothing but Disney

When are you retiring?

Hopefully by 60!

That's; the goal anyway.

And then I can spend vacations at Disney, with my kids and grandkids. It's about sharing Disney Magic with my family and friends.


Photos provided by: Kari
Me:  Any clients that you can share with us?   

Well I can't give out any names, obviously - and truth be told - I've been my own biggest client! I love the idea of taking my son to Disney while he's still young to make life long memories. Or maybe, that's an excuse to squeeze in as many Disney trips as possible for myself!  As far as guests that I've booked - one stands out: a single father took his daughter for her birthday. His daughter is nine, and he is a spectacular hair stylist in Dallas. He wanted to do something special for his daughter - who loves nature, the arts and music - they stayed at Disney's Animal Kingdom lodge and had a ball - especially at Epcot World Showcase!

Me:  Do you have any books and movies that have inspired you?

My favorite books are the Chronicles of Narnia - I have read all 7 books numerous times and when I start to feel 'lost' or need a little boost - I re-read these books.  I am a child at heart and love youth fantasy, but these books are really special.

Me:  What URLs do you have for those businesses you do?


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