Have you ever wanted to belong to something Bigger and know it?

Have you ever wanted to belong to something Bigger and know it?

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Bigger than Yourself
Too some people this would be a long list of people, place, or events.  But what about ideas, ideas are bigger than people and can be shared numerous times in a minute with large groups of people or even millions of people all at once; TV, Radio, and Internet.  They are great ways to share ideas, but they are also ideas that are shared every moment of every day; daily!
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People are often hearing ideas but some are put down for having them, because of various types of negativity, being shared, and such examples is “it will never work” or “are you joking! You do this and you will fail measurably.”  Or, they compress all those negatives into things that have not even been said to them, they become assumptions.

What have you done that is bigger than yourself?  Have you belonged to something bigger than yourself?  Did you know that you were part of something bigger than yourself?  Maybe you did not know that you were part of something bigger than yourself?
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Now that your mind is stirred up with questions, increase that from questions to ideas, from ideas to actions.  First is the idea, then question, and then take actions, and lastly repeat.  You will experience changes in your mind, body, and lifestyle. 

Ideas planted, questioning started; now take the actions and repeat them. When you do anything long enough often enough you will see results.
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Are you ready to get started!

Set small goals and big goals, as you do this those small ones add up and the big goals become less scary, less impossible, and much more achievable.  This is not wait until next year to set resolutions!  This is setting a goal in your mind then seting that goal into action. 

Goals are written down, next are the steps to complete that goal.  Here is a type of goal, you want to reach the grocery store.  Plans changes goals and dreams do not ever change.  We shove them to the side we make excuses. Forget that!  Make reasons forget the excuses. 

Going to the store, do you walk, ride a bicycle, motorbike, or drive a car?  Maybe take public transport a boat, ferry, taxi, or train.  These are all steps to achieve your goal; obtain groceries. What else can be done?  Go with a friend or carpool with family or friends or colleagues. 

What ever you are doing enjoy it, it is here today gone, it is a moment in time.  Learn from it and enjoy it, its all part of the journey.  During the journey you can travel with those with same things you want; you want to be happy, loved, friendly, adventurous and laugh.  Then travels with people like this there are two types of journey; enjoy both of them!

Going from place to place or traveling this is a journey.  Another is growth of you or personal development do both as they say be happy.

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There is something and someone always bigger than you.  However, there is one that is always bigger than we know, bigger than we understand, and bigger than we can imagine.  His name is Jesus, the Lord of lords, Kings of kings, and Son of almighty GOD.  When you think that all those things are not possible or you are ready for help or need help or must have help.  Call upon His name, ask for Jesus, just say Jesus and He will be there for you; in ways you are not aware.  When people come to you, sometimes it will be a few that GOD has sent to help you.  They will not even know they are sent by GOD to help you but are able to and willing to help. Be prepared to change your mind then your lifestyle and body; call upon Him ask for forgiveness and ask to be transformed by His grace and all those that want this say amen.

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