Process, Professor, and Possessor

Process, Professor, and Possessor

Free Image: GOD blessed us with the power of free choice.

We are going to look at these three words and their meanings and how they reflect and affect us.  We seem to think that words we are saying are merely words that we are being “picky” or “stickler for things” or it’s an expression or saying, some even use terms of “I’m just sayin”. 

Words do have power, see the impact a word or words do have, and see the response the reaction to what was said by you or by others.   Still doubtful that words have power that right now I am being picky about it?  Lets take a look at some very popular things being said around us and by us.
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“I quit.” – Tell any boss these words and see the results, learn how they respond to it.  “You’re fired.” – Are you saying there is no impact to these words?  They are just a few words.  Think about how you would respond to hearing this right now.  “Caught so and so cheating on you.” Not a lot of words, it’s not like a famous person said these words to you.  But would you remember them for years to come?  “Free” – One word so many of us would hear it and think great! Some of us would say what’s the catch, because they ruined the meaning of the word, and that has been done with numerous words.  We hear “free when you buy” or “Free for the first 20 people”, and does that mean it’s accurate or right?  “I miss you” – Many of us would love to hear these words, they represent being thought about in a good way, and being needed.

Are you getting the process?  We all have a learning process to do, change what the negative marketing, sales, and slangs have destroyed.  We seek education but destroy it by reading, hearing, and watching to many forms of media (books, online, TV shows). 
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Learn new things, do things differently, and say things differently.  So many of us hear negatives in the world, therefore we do not need to ask for it or say it.  It is bound to happen, but why add to the issue?  Say praising words, be a blessing to others, sound better, look better, and be better.

We are a professor of what we feel, of what we see, and another way to put that, that we experience.   “I feel hot” or “I am cold” or “Looks so dark” or “Its too bright outside” and then those things we experience; “banged my knee into the table this morning and it swelled up and kept swelling up, and does not seem to stop throbbing either.” 
Free Image: Professor of things or words
Speak and believe and believe and speak.  Speak favor over your circumstances over your situation, just like any moment or feeling it will come and go.  So give time, some time.  Be a praising professor over your circumstances and situation; it is a blessed day! Today is the day the Lord our GOD has made we are blessed in it.  “To blessed to be stressed” –Pastor Joseph Prince

What we usually say, we usually do not want to own, or to posses.  But we want things and need things and thus we do not usually use speech that says ownership of it.  “I have no time”, “I have no money”, and “I don’t know”.  Why say the things we do not want or need?

Free Image: Possessor of your blessings!
You stay in a home or apartment or condo then you are blessed to have a place.   Would you stay outside of that place or inside?  When you are blessed but stay outside of your home, because you feel it’s not yours, you do not deserve it, then you are not possessing; the blessing.  When you are blessed with a car is it a blessing to own it?  Yes!  Is it a blessing to get into the car any time you want and drive it anywhere you want to go?  Yes!  Then you drive your car; you possess your possessions.

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Instead of these three words being negative, just flip them around; many times words have more than one meaning to their definition.  Be the master not the slave, you are born to be better than you are now. Born to be champions, to be blessed, and to be a blessing!