There are Three Stories being Shared about People

There are Three Stories being Shared about People

First Story…
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Two Guys Talking
We will say is Mr. A and he is on the way to pick up his friend at his house.  The other guy we will call him Mr. B. 

Mr. A driving over to pick up his friend and take him out for lunch at a restaurant.  As he drives there he thinks to himself about how the conversation will go. 

Mr. A: Hi, how are you?
Mr. B: I guess okay.
Mr. A: Where do you want to eat today?
Mr. B: I don’t know.
Mr. A: Do you want to go out?
Mr. B: I don’t know.
Mr. A: What would you like to do?
Mr. B:  I don’t know.

Mr. A starts to feel frustrated and annoyed as he continues to drive over.  Realizing he will reach there in another 15 minutes and had left his home about 3 minutes ago but already is changing his mind about going.  Decides to ignore this and push through those feelings.  Reaching Mr. B house and parks the car walking up to the door and knocks.

Shortly after arriving he realizes what he had thought had come to be and he did not even say a word in the car but he thought it. He starts to question is this the kind of friends I want am I being held back.

What have you learned from this story?  Have you ever met anyone like this before? 

Next Story…
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I Am Right

Mr Know ran across some information and then says he is great at finding out things and does not need any help. Mr know kept using search engines and always found what he looked for, because he searched for food he found it.  When he searched for housing he found it, and when he searched for movies well he found that too.

Mr Query asked Mr Know for help in finding out if this place has good food.  Mr Know says I will search for _____ has bad food, you he found out some one some time ago complained.  After awhile so many people were asking himf or advice he felt so happy to be important a big shot. 

No one knew that he was just searching online through certain search engines and always on what they wanted to know is it bad is it a scam and is it in our area.  He always found what he searched for. 

But one day Mr Man asked him something so different that it shocked Mr Know but he did it anyway and said it must be wrong.  So he searched again and again and again.  He was asked Where is the best restaurant for an anniversary and a top ten came up for the best anniversary restaurants all getting awards for different things good foods, beverages, and atmosphere. 

He said to himself it must be a scam how can so many things be good about these places.  Mr Know searched on scams and a few were new companies had no bad reviews they are to new.  Mr Know says cannot be trusted their to new they will fail.

Who has ever looked up bad on any company?  Are you surprised that any company we look up online we find bad?  Would you be surprised bad things said about any of your favorites?  Write down your ten favorite things and see if one just one has nothing bad said about it!

The 3rd Story…
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Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda!
A man had three friends each asking him to meet him on different days through his life.  But throughout his life he told his friends many things. How he did not have the time to join them to busy working over time. But he left out that it was volunteers doing the overtime not mandatory. 

So he missed out on joining his friends for class reunion, he missed out on his children being born. But he was called a great man by many and many more. Because he was there was a provider always working five to six days every other week and then later mandatory over time because of the economic changes in the corporate world.  Days became weeks as weeks became months and the years had already blurred into decades. 

Two of his friends asked him would he join them in a business to be friends, allies, partners, and teammates in it?  But the man answered them with busy working over time and barely able to see my wife and sometimes not seeing my children but a few times in a month.

One of his friends said we need and must meet up, you are a brother to me and I am worried for you and your family. He showed up early and waited for his friend to arrive, but he was late and said sorry, but do not worry about me and my family.  We will be fine and I realize all of you care now, shoulda known that decades ago.  Then the man says he is in his late forties nearly fifty and is to old or he could join them in their very successful businesses.  Again he says I am sorry that I missed out on when you had invited me all those years ago.
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Did you see the shoulda, woulda, coulda moments?  Did this remind you of anyone you know or perhaps your own family or you?

We do things for our family and family of friends but lose sight of what is important by doing what is not important.  If this escapes you then consider one very brief and realistic story we do not know how long we have to live none of us do.  Therefore we do not know how much time we have, but we all know there is 24 hours in a day and 7 days to a week.  How is that time allocated to each of your goals that helps you achieve your dreams.  You have those choices it starts with the mind can be filled with things we deem important but and  job loss can be lost and a new job gotten or self employment. 
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But when someone we love passes on or when the doctor says some news to you that wakes you up to the timer is on and your time is limited. Job loss is NOT important it never was; what is important is our families and family of friends.  University degrees can be lost or obtained just like a job, again those we love are important. 

Do YOU have a story that you want to share?  

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