We can see many things in our world and around us

We can see many things in our world and around Us

We can see many things in our world and around us. But how often does that happen where we truly see what is there.  We think that we know and we think we see, and we think where hear correctly too.
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Do you?
Let’s find out how well you share what is most important, with those whom are most important, and you are part of that importance. 

Today I had a revelation and I am going to share that with you right now.

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“The value of time is not thought about, some times seen as plenty, and often ignored.  Time is immeasurably more valuable than our perceived perception of it.

Posses your possessions, meaning use time wisely.  Sharing the word of GOD, the gospel of His kingdom and remember family is important to GOD.

Let’s share more time with our brethren our families.  Praise The Lord, we are so blessed.  Amen!” -Christopher L.Y.

Someone is bound to be asking, “What does this have to do with me?” and “How does that relate to what you are sharing with me now?”  It has a lot to do with you, when you are sharing the time with anyone it is important to you.  The next story I share with you is not meant to scare you; it is to wake you up.  Time for your coffee so have a big gulp of it, if you can take a gulp do it.

Story that I am going to share with you happened years ago, a friend of mine had shared it with me, and we sat around talking about things in our lives.  Some have that being death, how we use to know this person or we heard of a celebrities that had passed on.  Then he told me this story about one of us uncle’s that he barely knew, but the uncle knew about him from when he was a little baby and met him a few times during his youth.

The uncle had told my friend this story about his life and having not shared enough time with those he met, his friends, his family, and that included my friend (his nephew).  Telling him from his bed in the hospital and said do not waste a moment, time is a reminder to us to do something, anything, and just do it.  That surely as he laid in bed wanting more time to share with those he was with, he said worse was him being in the same places with them their homes, restaurants, jobs, and schools.  He was not really there he was busy doing things like drinking away his time, smoking, playing arcade games and talking with them while he did that.  Later the cell phone came about and he was on it or they were and he did not do it and he did not tell them to stop it either. 

Instead he continued to do what he always did thinking it was important.  It was not important not then and not now whilst being on that bed for several months.  He says I have been asking people to come and see me and some do not remember me, some do not express their love by visiting me, and some did.

He had passed on and said to my friend share this story it will help you remember me and to remember never waste time.  Never give up on yourself and never give away what is so precious that it cannot be measured.  He says we cannot measure how long you or anyone not him; who was stuck in that bed would be around.

“Time cannot be managed, it is not money.  However, it can be used, it can be allocated (to set apart for a particular purpose; assign or allotted, or shared.” –Christopher L.Y.

Where you use it, how you use it, and with whom; all of this is up to you, do you use it primarily for sleep, job, studies, or do you see beyond all this that mankind has done and look to something big, bigger, or a lot bigger than yourself?  Maybe you looking to small or smaller and yet still alone and unhappy.

Grab a pencil or pen and paper then write down these questions and answer them and see what your answers are now.  After three months go back and read the questions and answer them again then compare the answers to the first time.

When you are with someone are you on your computer or cell phone?
Are you not on yours but they are on their computer or cell?
Do you like it?
Would they like it?

How important is your time and why is theirs any less important?
When is the last time you truly allocated time and shared it with all those that you love? Remember those you love are important.

What is important to you and you love?
Jesus                        GOD                        Spouse            Children
Uncles                      Aunts                      Nieces             Nephews

Another words your entire family and friends.  When you are with them be with them, when they are with you, they need to be with you.  GOD is blessing you with family and friends and time.  We are given the power of choice; you are the master, not the job and not the money.  GOD has blessed us, with heavens best, with Jesus, our Lord and King of kings.
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This might be a ridiculous question but it’s meant to make a very strong point.  Would you use any electronic devices or reading when Jesus is sharing a meal with you?  Be with those you love, they love you.  That job is preventing you from being with them.  Then do something else be an entrepreneur there are many types of them.