As 2014 neared the end & 2015 is now upon us!

January 2015 is upon you!

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Many of you were wondering why there was this large gap in any postings.  During December 2014 went on a vacation and enjoyed an interesting, amazing, and fun trip with family, friends, and met some new people.  That had become friends but after our event which had a formal event like the Oscars.  We had experienced dancing, singing, stage performances, and much more.  

 The second part of our vacation is in another area of Thailand.  The first part of our trip was in Pattaya and the next was Bangkok.  During our stay in Bangkok my arm was injured causing a break in the bone.  That made doing basic things more of a work than they usually are. 

Well this made moving it around painful and really did not want to get the Macbook out or type on it, not even typing on my Smartphone.  Reminded me how blessed we are to have what we have, but we forget and see the lack the negatives that we think are surrounding us. 

It was confirmed by a doctor in Bangkok, Thailand then upon returning to Singapore had seen a doctor where I am residing.  He took another set of x-rays and we still heard what the doctors had said at both locations.

The injury could have been far worse than this, no nerve damage, no permanent loss of movement, no bone sticking out of the arm. Even though the broken bone is actually the elbow.  There was a temporary loss of use and strength, from what some have shared about a sprained arm or ankle it gave me the strong impression that is what had happened to me.

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However we had rebuked the negatives and continued to pray for supernatural healing, health, wholeness, and restoration of my body and rejuvenation of my youth like that of the eagles. Also taking the Holy Communion in remembrance of our Lord Jesus and praying in tongues. 

This is a testimony that I am sharing with you now.  That will help to bless you with your own challenges that you are experiencing too.  All of us including myself need reminders of what has happened and how we have been blessed in many ways.  Sadly we remember the bad events much more mainly because we relived them by dwelling on who and what happened to us.

I will share more on what is happening so check back once a week to find out more of what is happening. 

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