Be Bold in Thoughts it Comes in Many Forms Part 2

Be Bold in Thoughts it Comes in Many Forms Part 2

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What does “Be Bold” mean to you?  Does it mean skydiving, well to some people it does but to others cliff diving is more dangerous.  Is “be bold” about danger?  Not necessarily it can be about many things. Some of it can be about our thoughts and that is what we are talking about in Part 2.

Wait, before you go any further, be sure to read Part 1, for those that have already read it.  Just continue reading, thanks!
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That thought you are holding inside of you, share it with people, and you will start to change lives. A thought shared is an idea being shared to one of many, then many of many shall share it, and it will continue. Walt Disney had a thought that idea has been shared and now many follow what he has done and experience it at Disney every day. Another form of team work is network marketing, many say it is illegal, scam, or will not  last. I dare you to find twenty people this very week and ask them to name one, just one network marketing company. Quick examples: WorldVentures and Avon.

A few examples of Be Bold thoughts:

Dreaming of passing the car in front of me.
Getting the top score on this video game.
Debating with someone over what TV show is better.

There are all small versions of the “be bold” that have little to insignificant impact on you or the world around you; another words your lifestyle.  Here are some thoughts that have a big impact to “be bold” about.

A few big examples:

Having a brand new auto.
Getting high scores on SATs.
Debating which places to vacation next.

Some of us have very big be bold moments and decide to achieve them takes several months or years or over a decade but not several decades.

A few very big examples:

Going to all the Disney locations around the world.
Owning three different brands of automobiles.
Graduating from a branded university because I want to go there not to obtain a job.

Thoughts can include positions, salary, helping people, being a parent and having children.  Some thoughts are always going to be thoughts, unless you go from this step of thoughts to the next step either be bold thoughts to be bold actions or be bold speaking.  

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Have you ever had what many call daydreams?  Of course and often we do nothing with them, we do not speak about them to anyone.  Majority of the time these thoughts go unspoken and unwritten.  Remember, be bold in thoughts it comes in many forms. 

Be Bold Part 3 is ready for you!!! 

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