Be Bold & Be Recognized Eight is Awesome! Part 8

Be Bold & Be Recognized Eight is Awesome! Part 8

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Maybe you have noticed some changes inside you, maybe you are ready to change, and maybe you are sick and tired of the excuses that you have told yourself.  Those excuses that you have been hearing over and over from some people that you know in your area of the world. 

Pause a moment, did you read the Part One? Well now you can, just BE BOLD Click Here.

Today is a new day, Be Bold about a person, some of you may know the name some may know the teacher.  But today we are going to see that it takes being bold to share about Jesus.  Without being bold would anyone ever tell a pre believer about Him?  No, of course not you would be scared of what they might say, or do, or who they would tell. 

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Am I being bold right now?  Yes.  Have I been bold by sharing about Jesus in my actions?  Yes, by writing about Him on my Facebook, Blogger, and Google+ sharing about our Lord Jesus. 

You can do that to, using any platform that you are blessed with, but you will need to be bold and take action upon your believing.  That will affect your faith and thus affect your belief.  Of course you could do it safely by sharing only with those that believe the same things that you do.  The disciples were asked to go into the world and tell His people about the gospel. 

Do not mistake on what I am saying with accusing you.  I am saying go and share His world and remember that by reading this you are being bold.  There are many ways to be bold and remember to fellowship.  

Free Image: Be Bold Speak Your Mind
Be Bold Eight Awesome ways.
Thinking – think positive that is vastly different, than the world of negativity that we are exposed too.
Ideas – have your own ideas or an idea to team up & form a group to achieve it.
Believing – do not lose who you are, build on who you are, believe you can; do it!
Speaking – cause the effectiveness’ inside of you & others; positivity.
Actions – do or do not; both are actions & thus bring forth results.
Understanding – to do this, continue to go and learn, be willing & accept.
Seeing – who is being bold around you & decide to make it apart of you or not.
Hearing – who is being bold around you & decide to make it apart of you or not.

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