Be Bold creates Inspiration and Positivity Part 6

Be Bold creates Inspiration and Positivity Part 6

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We have seen many people over the years that have achieved many great feats, recognitions, awards, and bonuses that are sometimes larger than 10 years of salary.  What people that play sports or compete in the Olympics that you can name?  Most likely you can name at least one of each, especially people that we have deemed athletes that participate in sports.  

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“What inspires some is an inspiration to another, but shall never lack emotional impact.  Those that are, will be inspired to be inspirational.  Will be from their own experiences, that they have experienced.” –Christopher L.Y.

We are all role models you like it or not, but you are one to someone.  Who looks up to you?  We never know who is following us and saying positive things about you or thinking positively about you.  So be that positive force that you want in your life; by being that positive force in your own life.  
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Be bold creates inspiration and positivity.  See creativity around us it is seen in TV shows, blogs, movies, lyrics, and works of art, teachers, trainers, mentors, leaders, music, buildings, and automobiles.  We have seen these things so often that we overlook them, that they become subliminal to your mind.  Remember to look at your foods seen on Facebook or those vacations those are other ways of being creative and inspiring others. 
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You have seen a lot of people sharing so many things on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, and so many more), however it is has inspired so many people that they have become inspirational to others.  What is holding you back? Answer to that is you, something inside of you is doing it. 
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But are you aware that it all around you every day and that many people worry about what people think.  However to be more precise you worry about what some people think and the majority of those over your life time have never paid your bills, gotten you work done at your job, and helped you get top scores or at least passing grades on any of your schooling.  Many of them that are your friends now were not your friends a few years ago or decades ago.  Again why worry about them?
 Are you happy when they are happy with you?

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Be bold create inspiration and positivity by being the role model that you are by being the champion that you are born to be.  Write to find your style, sing to express a new form of happiness, dance like no one is around you and enjoy it like the entire world depends on you to do it, smile as though it brings life to others and to you, because it truly does affect your health.  

"Be the force in nature that cause waves of positivity to ripple around the world you know."-Christopher L.Y.

Join a group that allows you to be encouraged to live your life that builds you up and helps you achieve more than you have done before.  

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