Be Bold Is It Within You? Part 7

Be Bold Is It Within You? Part 7

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We usually wonder about what to do next.  How to do this or that, but do we make the connection on it?  Nope, for most of you and including myself we do not make the connection.  That is we end up doing what we want to do anyway! 
Many times you will make a decision to do something or see someone.  Then you have this lingering doubt about that decision that was made in your mind.  So what is next?  Well that leads to thinking things out loud or asking a close friend or a few good friends. 

Why do we ask?   
This is done to confirm what we already decided what to do.  Then they add their own twist on that idea that they can join you or they would say, “I would have dated so and so too.”

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No One Is Born Knowing
You think that someone who has a position knows what they are doing from one thing to the next.  You see the person around you at work or home and think they got it all going for them.  Often we think this way about celebrities and entrepreneurs like Bill Gates.  Do you think they got all their stuff together?  Do you think they know why there are here and what to do from one moment to the next?  Yes, of course you do.

Now Consider This
Remember what I just said above?  You thought yes to that question; then this paragraph is for you!  Well go read their autobiography, read history books, and watch those videos online or those talk show hosts; see the interviews that have been done.  Many of those people that share about their own personal history, have informed you that they went to college and then quit.  To start their own business, some others have shared they went to college got one degree then another.  But their position they have now is not related to the field of study; sometimes or their dreams.  Yes you got it, I said dreams, all of those famous, popular, or rich people that do share about where they started, where they use to reside, and what they use to do at a job.  They pursued their dreams and told us not to give up.  Including athletes that are known for being competitive, remember Oprah?  She is not an a famous athlete she is a talk show host, actress, and much more.  She had a rough background and see her today.
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Steve Jobs, mentioned connecting the dots and that it cannot always be done until years or even decades later. 

Earlier in life is better than later in life
What you do now will affect tomorrow, what you do tomorrow will affect your tomorrows to come.  But what you do not do is still doing something; this affects you today, tomorrow, and the tomorrows to come.  Are you, are you, yourself happy?  To be happy is a choice, start with the idea of “be bold” then build on to it from there and just keep going.  Do this without thought of how far did I go, how fast am I going, do I need to go faster. 
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Did you know that you are good enough at just one thing, that one thing can become a few things and eventually it can become many things.  If you do not know what direction to take with your life that this series helping you but you want to do more and know which direction to take.  Ask me in the comments below.

If you have not been reading the Be Bold series all this time go back to read it.  But by now, I am sure that you realized that you have it within you to be bold.  After reading this published post “Be Bold Is It Within You” series and you got the answers.  Is there more to the series?  Yes there is, are ready for more? 


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