Crazy Sayings - I have seen some crazy stuff! Part 2

Crazy Sayings - I have seen some crazy stuff! Part 2

Free Image: Nobody Facebook Likes

Yes I have seen some crazy stuff!  What about you?  Drop some images with text in them that you have seen online.  Short disclaimer, no porn and no profanity, thanks!  We never know who reads things online or who watches them; sometimes-young children see that stuff.

Crazy Sayings Part 1 for those that missed it, grab it now!

Thanks for doing that and now let’s the sharing begin! I would like to see who could show me the craziest sayings. 

Free Image: Family accept anything love

Interesting how many things came up in a search online for free images that are listed as Crazy Sayings.  These are just a few that I think sound interesting, helpful, or just get to smile and a few get me to laugh.  Be normal and you blend in with the crowd, be weird and you will be noticed for the champion that you are; remember parents warned us about strangers so do not be strange.  Be bold and make the choice to be positive, fulfill your desire to be a champion for your dreams and visions.

Free Image: Champions gym, desire, dream, vision

Crazy Sayings that are there to help you think of another perspective on the way you do things, say things, and write words.  How many times have you been told things to get you doubting your own ideas, thoughts there are positive, and who you are?
Free Image: The happiness of your life

Did you know this is your world; schools to companies to family and friends, and places you buy things from.  How many of them have done what others have done?  How many of them got the same results as others have done?  You probably just said to yourself "a lot" or "I don't know" so go ask them go listen to them.  This is your life, live it!  Decide do you want to duplicate what they have done or do something else to become someone else, because I am telling you to become someone else you must do something else right now.  Be the positive role model for yourself and for those you love.  Be bold, be a champion!

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