Social Speak or Social Habit

Social Speak or Social Habit


You Are What You Listen Too

Have you experienced Social Speak before?  I call it Social Speak, but if you have another name for it, then let me know?  Most likely you have experienced it several times in a week some times in a day.  Depends on how much social interactions you do with people.  The more social able that you are the more you are exposed to it and affected by it.  Thus, being infected by social speak and before you realize it, it has become apart of your lifestyle.  

That is what had happened to me, without me even realizing what had happened to me, or anyone around me.   I had caught symptoms of it a few years ago and started to gather evidence of it occurring to me and many, many people around me.  It was confirmed so many times over that it was happening to people I had met for the first time.   Those that I had know for days or weeks or years including family and friends. 
The Power of Words

I am sure you had been infected by social speak it is not exclusive to any particular age or nation or gender.  It is happening all around me and all around you and it is happening to you, today! 

But I do not know if this is considered a Social Habit, but most likely it is becoming a social habit.  It starts as something you heard primarily through people speaking in person and in media.  It is not limited to in person; it is spreading through TV shows, movies, and radio. 

It is out of control, unless you stop it, and it is in your choice, a type of power to stop right here and now.  But like working out it takes time to get into shape and have that become a habit.  So does stopping the viral infection of social speak and the next stage is social habit.  Of course that is my theory about it being a social habit.  
Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.

Do you think that you can stop it?  Those that said yes, are correct, it is within your mind and spoken to become an affirmation.  Lets not focus on those that said no, we already know the results for them.  Now, that you have made the mental choices and the verbal choices.  What is next? 

To identify what is social speak is going to be in the next part. Part 2 is right HERE

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