Some Crazy Sayings that are being Said by Some People

Some Crazy Sayings that are being Said by Some People

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It is very interesting some of the sayings we say or that we hear around us.  In movies and on the Internet there are even more sayings that are captioned in photos and other types of images.  Here are several of those images for you to read, but let me know do you think they are crazy sayings or sayings that make you think?  Tell me what your thoughts are?  Do you agree with any of crazy sayings in the images?  

Reminds me of "you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink." -Unknown 

Free Image: You can lead a man to

It is your life!

Free Image: Tennesse Williams

Crazy sayings, right?  But it is your life or is it?

Free Image: You have to do what is right for you

Indeed No body can walk in your shoes or pay your bills.  So do not let them rent space in your head or control your life.  Another words do what you gotta do without harming others, be bold, be positive, and never give up!

Crazy Sayings Part 2

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