What is on Your LIFELIST? Part 2

What is on Your LIFELIST?

Part 2

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Some might find that this published posting is part of Part 2.  Well it is a part 2 and for those that are not familiar with the reference I recommend that you read it first.

My LifeList is continuously changing, because I am adding to it.  Once they are completed then it is scratched off the list.  Here is just a small part of My LifeList. Now that you have read, “What is greaterLifeList or BucketList?

My LifeList
Go to all the Disney locations around the world
Learn Archery, maybe that is from too much Robin Hood and Arrow – haha.
Take my mom on her dream trip to London and explore the surrounding nations
Help more people by showing them more options to a better lifestyle
Experience the authentic culture, history (landmarks & sights), and people from those nations.
To be positive a lot more often each day
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Put a lot of different things on your #LifeList such as goals, dreams, fun things, and keep it all positive.  Maybe you want to add to that chatting with your parents more or children.  Sharing more time with family and friends.  Perhaps on your list is going to all the locations that the James Bond character has been too.  Another one that you can add is being a volunteer or #voluntour and helping people around the world along with helping those in your own home. 

How about taking on these 3 challenges for your LifeList.  Do you want to accept the challenge?  I am sure you can do it but it will surely cost you a few things time and mind.  What I meant by mind is remembering to do it that is until it becomes natural for you to just do it.
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Here they are:
1.     Say praising words: you are amazing, great smile, beautiful eyes
2.     Do something iron clothes, smile
3.     Share something of importance with someone
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Do this when it is unearned, undeserved, and unmerited and see the results.  Help someone with your best subject and it is their worst subject in school and the same for college.  Be the positive force in your life as the song lyrics say, “It’s my life!” so you are in control of it.  Let positivity take up residence in your mind and be a blessing to you, to your family, to your friends, and those around you. 

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