Do you not know that it is your life and not anyone else!

Do you not know that it is your life and not anyone else!

You can be nearly anything, you can do nearly anything, but you have to start with doing something.  It is called choice, once you decide on making the choice, repeat it and keep doing it.  Now you have choices and choices gives you options!

"Options are always leading to more options." -Christopher L.Y. 

We all have to work; we have no choice on that, and either way you got to work.
At any position you name bum, employee, boss, owner and yes that includes CEOs, CFOs, and all positions in between.  We all have to work, but you can decide on how-to work and where to work and what to work on.  You can decide whom to work with, but that happens when you are self-employed in some way or another. 

Keep working in your job, either way be happy with your choices, because they lead to options.  For those that decided to stay in that job, how is that working out for you?  Monday is coming!

Do you want to work at being a bum?  Do you think that is easy to do?  Hunting down your place to sleep, defending that spot, finding food, beverages, and money.  Sometimes hunting down those things is not enough but asking for help.  It takes just as much work to be self-employed as it does being an employee in the beginning it is this way, but it will change. 

Some parents use to say it takes you more work to avoid doing your chores or your homework than to do it and get it over with.

Self-development is going to school, vocational, colleges, universities, polytechnic, and self help books.  At any time and anyone of you can quit schooling.  Each of these are levels of schooling, but they are all forms of schooling that are actually for you to improve yourself; hence self-development.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Nearly all of us have heard that question before and I have realized it does not matter what nation you are apart of we have been ask that or something very much like it. 

Employee – Is this what you really want to be?
At one point or another you will most likely be an employee.  Bow down to the boss or start kissing up to get picked.  That is how it sometimes feels for getting the job we focused on and sometimes we feel that happening when going for the raise and promotion. 

Boss – We think being a boss is the end all be all or is it?
Many of us think being a boss is the best thing to be, but the boss has a boss to answer too as well.  Sometimes they answer to partners or owners to answer too or several bosses, because usually they are, just a boss over a department.  

Owner – Who works best for you is you, right?
Some have partners or investors to answer too, some do not have anyone to answer too, and some find an alternative to the a-typical path of being an owner.  Their drive is to be self-employed; an entrepreneur.  Owners are much closer to being “the boss” than any one else!  

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