Do you understand that this is being ironic?

Do you understand that this is being ironic?

Well this might ruffle some feathers in this posting today.  Which is not my intention, instead it is to wake up those doing it and its become a habit for them or subconsciously they are doing it and in turn had become a habit. 

I hate my job!
Why is my boss like this to me!
Can you believe the boss did that to me but the other guy/gal got away with it?

Sharing your entrepreneurial ideas with your friends, because you want to do good things with those you like and love, right?

Their responses to an entrepreneur (remember you are their friend)
What is this about?
Why suddenly you contact me?
Is this one of those things?

Remember they hate their job or their boss or both. 
Do you find that to be ironic?  Now to add to this insanity, you are their friend, no matter how long you have known each other you have some type of relationship together working relationship or friendship, something.  Lets factor in some more irony to this equation that we are compiling on this list.  They have more hours of the day several days each week at least five of them.  Than they share hours with those that they love and like, meaning family, friends, classmates, and colleagues.  Still it is not crazy enough for you?

Also consider that they are defending this job, their position, their hours and schedule, along with defending the boss and anything else they dislike and hate about their job.  Lastly they are defending to the point that you get the impression you are a convicted career criminal who committed the worst of all the worst crimes that have life sentences with it. 
Then they did not even create the services, products, hire any of the employees, or have any influence in the hiring process at all for anyone not the bosses either.

So why defend it? 
So why treat anyone who asked you to come and hear about a business their doing in such a manner?  Respect the friendship and you are respecting the person who has asked you to meet them.  You do usually meet them for things like movies, lunch, dinner, and other forms of appointments, meetings, events, concerts, and some of you join the same school as your friend.  

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