Does Dating Apply to Marriage Part 1

Does Dating Apply to Marriage

Part 1

There are many ways to look at anything we have in our lives things like automobiles, game consoles, dwellings, and traveling.  Then there is people we can see them for what appears to be, for what is to be, and who they are, or what we heard about them and know about them.  Each aspect of a person is another perception that we have of that person or people. 

Does dating apply to marriage? 
Yes it still applies to marriage and helps to keep things fresh.  We all have heard the term “date night” and not referring to the movie.  When was the last time you went on a date night with your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend?  We have heard that date night term used in reference to mother and daughter or father and daughter and so on.  Why?

Date is really a predetermined time set on a date referring to the calendar and agreed upon both two parties (one person and party or person and person or a group of people).  That is for a social surroundings can be formal or informal and this is not exactly the same as setting up an appointment.  Appointments are referring to meeting with a professional; such as a doctor.  

Some think Date Night is…
Date night, that can be a one-time event or an annual event, such as teasing used as a reference to a type of anniversary.  Date night usually is done on a Friday night, but actually there is no law requiring it to only be done on Friday’s.  Make it more special do it randomly so it does not become a routine or type of habit.  Example: its Friday so we have to do date night. 

There are some other ways to keep dating atmosphere going in a marriage.  Randomly give things that express love from you!  Does a box of chocolate give something from you, yes but that is not unique, and it is not exclusively giving from you.  Be creative with it and adding that level of personal touch that makes it from you.  

Interesting Ideas with Adventure
We have been hearing guys coming up with interesting and perhaps unique methods of marriage proposals.  Skydiving, lip-syncing a song, having a group of joins participating in the event. 

Got Questions on your mind
How to keep it fresh?  Where to start?  How to be romantic?  Should I be silly?  Is being creative important?  Are you having these types of questions come to your mind?  What ever your questions are, there is always an answer, but there is no promise that you will like the answers or love it. 

However, I do have answers for you, which is going to be in Part 2

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