Movie Quotes that get me laughing

  Movie Quotes that get me laughing

For this posting I will share some photos and quotes from different types of movies.  Have you seen any of these movies?  What did you and your family and friends quote when joking around? 

Instead of me telling you the movies, I am going to let you guess which movies these quotes are originally from.  See how many that you get right.

  1.    Banana 
  2.    We’re in the pike 5 by 5
  3.    I’m Batman
  4.    Live long and prosper 
  5.    With me or without me
  6.    Got to move it move it 
  7.    I am and always will be your friend 
  8.    This is heavy 
  9.    I do not have friends. I have family 
  10.   Roll-out
  11.   Let it go
  12.   I’ll be back

Here are a few images from movies, see if you are able to name them? 

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