There is a saying One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure But What has Meaning to you Does not have Meaning to others

There is a saying “One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure”
But What has Meaning to you, Does not have Meaning to others

Intrigued by the title?  Good to know, keep on reading you are going to like it.  For those of you that do not keep on reading, you are missing out on something good.  But if you say, thought of this before, heard it before, and so what.  Then you will always miss out on something good.

A narrow mind sees little of the world and reciprocates in the same manner to people.

While a lot of you will find it helpful either reminding you of something you have heard before or it is a new idea.  Either way it is helpful that is what matters and now back to what has meaning to you, does not have meaning to others.  Here are two examples of what was shared before and someone was thinking so what and your point is?

Example: Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda!  Have you had it before?  Friend replies, yeah but Mountain Dew is a lot better. 

My friend could have said, Yes had it before and my favorite is Mountain Dew.  See the difference in how they are shared?

Example2: A teacher asks someone in the class to come up and answer the question on the chalkboard.  You see the person picked by the teacher and to do this and the answer is correct.  Some of the classmate’s responses are with teasing of being Einstein, geek, nerd, and teachers pet.

Bullying appears it many forms, it is up to you to see it, or not see it.

Instead of the friends remaining in silence or possibly joining in with the others teasing.  High 5’s are given, hugs and smiles, and congratulations are shared.  Let those things drown out the negative replies and allow the positive linger in everyone’s memories.  

I still do not get it?  How is this one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?

In some point in time we will be asked again to participate in front of people we know and do not know.  There will be many times we share things with family, friends, and people we just met.  Why respond with trash talk instead we can reply with perception of positive.  Share praising words over those you do not know and since you do not know them; then you do not know if you dislike them!

Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Did you get that opportunity to be in front of people more than once?  Did you get the chance to say encouraging words to your family or friends; not just in Facebook?  Did you get to share with anyone something good or were you to scared to do it?  

Often what we learned is what we continue to learn to do, until it becomes a habit.  Do not let your past rule your future.

Something I learned long ago, when I see good make it apart of me, when I see bad do not make it apart of me.  But do the opposite of it then decide whether to make it apart of me or not. 

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