Tips to Help You Rent your place or room in Singapore

Tips to Help You Rent your place or room in Singapore

Some very interesting tips that I have seen posted on a certain websites.  Well some them simply get reworded or re-posted from another article that was published online.

But so far I have not seen any tips like this that you get to see on here.  Which I have heard that most owners do not like to do this, lets say for argument sake that is completely true.  Then do not bother to rent your place since you are either ashamed of how poorly the room looks or your missing the entire point to doing it.  You are renting your room or the entire place for earning money?   

 A view of the Bay in Singapore during the night. 

Renters Motivation
Then you would need a very good location near to many options of public transport, several grocery stores, reasonable distance to the CBD (Central Business District), and entertainment.  Along with a safe, clean, and attractive room or entire place and the surroundings outside your dwelling are beautiful too.  

We all want the beautiful views some times it will look more amazing at night time than the day time.  Sometimes we hear about a view of the sea or water and its barely seen.  But a few will call it a sea view or a view of the pool.  Ever asked the person showing you the place if they are joking? 

Owner’s Motivation
Are you Renting to offset or lower the costs of your residual billing or reoccurring debts?  By renting a room or rooms and for those that have more than one property, that would help decrease such monthly debts.  Perhaps that would completely cover the monthly debts and provide a profit.  Depending upon the type of rental along with what was listed in “Renters Motivation” and the CPF contributions.

Owners need their Why
Are you are going to rent the space to a person or people?  Things that must be considered are what would you want when renting?  Would you want four people sharing one shower, one toilet, and one sink?  Remember no one wants to be sick, but things happen, and we do not know when someone is going to have rotating off days that would overlap.  Causing more people to stay at home or for that period of time to share that one restroom/toilet. 

Home or Prison the Choice is Yours’
More restrictions you put in place the more it feels like a prison.  Would you want to stay there?  Go and read some of the rentals and pretend that you are going to rent that room or place for a year.  

Labeling the photos is very helpful and do not use change them by using fisheye or some other effect.  It distorts the perception of the size of the rooms and colours.

Why Photos
What does photos mean towards earning money?  Would you agree that the longer it takes to fill that rented space, that it is a loss of income?  Would you agree that when you are going on vacation that you look at photos of that hotel?  So it does have an impact on you and where you are going to stay?  Having better photos, allows you to not waste your time with arranging schedule for viewing of the room or the entire unit.  Would you rather be with someone you love or use your time, energy, money, and mind to schedule things?

Hire professional photographers
Nearly all of us have heard about the picture is worth a thousand words.  Videos are good to take as well, but a lot of people view things on Smartphone’s and videos consume a lot of data.  Take good quality photos of the inside of your place showing all the areas that the renter will use and stay.  So many photos are taken of the outside of the buildings sometimes there are four or five photos of the same side of the building. 

Photos or the kitchen, restroom, dinning area, bedroom, and view from that room that would be rented to the outside.  We rarely look out windows but we like to have that view.

Photos: Investment several years
Photos are sharing with people what you are offering and it will last a long time.  Unless you are planning to do remodeling or renovations, then hiring a professional photographer would be far better.  Than many of the photos seen on some of the websites that renters use to find a place.

Photography Options: We all have budgets
Not willing or not able to hire a professional photographer.  Options hiring a student they can use the extra income and can pay them less money.  Since they are studying photography, they would have a descent camera to use.  Another option ask a friend that takes good photos of things.  Many of us have seen good photos on FaceBook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Those with the skill for it might do it for free, friends like to support their friends.  Does not always take money to provide support to be helpful to anyone.

Rules: Rule It!
Be clear on what you want it will save everyone the time of arranging everyone’s schedule.  This is including the owner, property agent, renter, and family & friends that reside in the place or going with the renter. 

As you write the rules down talk it over with your family or other renters that reside there.  Sometimes there is only one owner or there is a family.  Figure out your rules that meet your needs.  Some quick ones to give you some ideas of what are good rules and always keep it understand able.

No smoking
Cooking is allowed, but no deep frying or Cooking allowed, but must clean up immediately
No loud noises of any kind from anything or anyone after 10PM until 9AM this applies daily
Guests are welcome between these hours 10AM to 10PM
Sleepovers are by request with 1 week in advance notice

Sharing the rules online is good but keep it limited. When you have met with the renters then show them a printed list of rules and confirm they understand it. Always remember it can be a home or a type of prison, the choice is always yours! 

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