A Vacation Trip to Melaka in Malaysia Random Photos

A Vacation Trip to Melaka in Malaysia
Random Photos

This is not the couch bus we took but it is same type just different colours.

Here is the bridge to over to Malaysia from Singapore. 

Sharing some good foods, good sights, and some good things while having fun times. 

We are between Singapore and Malaysia a beautiful view of the Sea.

See the fruit hanging from the tree. 

A lot of these photos are of Melaka but the English spell it as Malacca, but it is the same place just a different spelling and it is in Malaysia.  We ate all the foods you see here shared them with each other along with the beverages too. 

One of our friends from Malaysia had joined us and took us to a few local places one of them was to eat the local version of foods, such as the chicken rice ball. Very good! I would recommend it and would go back there to eat more. 

 I enjoyed the chilled durian, it is called durian chendol dessert.  

We stayed in a very popular hotel with a very very beautiful view of the surrounds from a high floor that literally looked out over the pool, the city, and the sea.  Do share this posting if you enjoyed any of the photos or that you love to vacation there too. Perhaps you will inspire some of your friends or family to vacation with you there too. 

During our vacation we stayed at the Hatten Hotel

This is the same hotel room seen from two different sides of the glass.

Straight down from our room is a view of the swimming pool, kid pool, and pool bar.

The Videos are below!

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