Challenge Yourself Are You Ready To Get Started Today?

Challenge Yourself
 Are You Ready To Get Started Today?

Some quick questions for you, because they only require a “yes” or a “no” for an answer.  So let’s started with some easy quick questions.

1.     Do you eat foods?
2.     Do you drink beverages?
3.     Are you good at least one thing?

Those were actually questions that required one word for a response.  But someone out there wants to give a longer answer.  Someone wants to think of beer or liquor to answer number 2.  Someone wants to ask does desert count as foods.  

Stop over analyzing every thing that you are asked and simply give a yes or no to the question as your answer.  

It is not a matter of can you do it, it is a matter of are you willing to do it. 

Now for something less easy to answer and it is not an attack on you or anyone else that is reading it.  It does mean that you were not paying attention and assumed something bad from it.  Most people in this huge world has been told negative things.  It is not a law that we must tell people negative things.  Are you ready to get started today?

1.     Are you stupid?
2.     Are you a hater?
3.     Are you a loser?

Most of you would say NO, which is great!  Do not let the voices in the world that speak negative words to you, continue to haunt you.  People that were not thinking, or were doing their best to avoid being bullied, because they are scared, said those things or they were doing mean things.  Because they are insecure, they enjoy inflecting harm, and they are scared of something.

Those that said Yes, either did not pay attention to the questions or took it as a personal attack, because they could be reflecting on negative things that had happened to them. 

Someone had told me, “Do not let them rent space in your head”. –unknown

Challenge yourself is about you and not about anyone else.  There is plenty of negatives in the world and so easily said and done, referring to the negative things.  Why not challenge yourself for you, for your family, for your friends, and for those that need, want, and seek help.  Are you ready to get started today?  

1.     Say praising words (positive words) to four people every day, it can be anyone, literally anybody that you know at home, work, school, or someone else’s work place, and on social media too.  But if you pick the easy one social media then double that number; make it eight people for that day, unless your doing that online every day.  

2.     Smile to at least every in your own family then friends then anyone you meet in person.  Smiling can be done while you are on the phone too.

3.     Help someone with something anything, carrying something, volunteering to teach or be a mentor to someone.  Perhaps donating time, money, or experiences and knowledge to somebody can change their lifestyle.

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Do not back out, do not back down, and do not forget.  

Remember you can do it
We are all leaders, mentors, champions, teachers, trainers, and dreamers.  Live your dreams by doing it, pursuing them and you are happier for it, and keep on living life be bold my friend.  Because to someone you are all those things to them at point in time or another and no one should be living your dreams but you!

I will end with this…
Challenge yourself today! Are you ready to get started today?
Remember its an easy answer of one word, yes or no.