How much you put into it Is how much you put into it

How much you put into it
Is how much you put into it

How many of you are confused right now just from the title?  Well you are about to get more confused with my question.  But do not give up on reading this published post; it will surprise you with the answers within it.  How many of you are aware that the more you focus on something the more it expands?  A lot of us have heard this saying and some of us have had the realization of it. 

What do you focus on?
Sometimes we focus on the wrong things for the different reasons.  Family is the reason but we put that focus on the job and complaining about it.  Another reason is friend, but again we focus on complaining and the appearance of friendships. 

Stay focused on reasons not on excuses.
Write down your reasons that you are living your life.  Reasons are for you, anyone in your family, and friends.  They can be education, helping others, passions, and teaching.  Now that you have your reasons get your focus on it. 

What does it mean by how much you put into it is how much you put into it? 
Sometimes certain things require that you put a little into and you get a lot back, sometimes-certain things require that you put something into it and you get something back.  But there are times that no matter how much you put into it is a vortex on how much that it continues to consume time, energy, money, and occupy your mind with thoughts about it. There are certain things that are completely different and it is amazing how little is needed to get a big amount of a return back.  

Find it
When you do what you love and love what you do.  Keep doing it and you will begin to realize a flip from taking so much of your time, energy, money, and focus from your mind to a reverse on it.  Taking so little and giving so much more than you realized is possible to get back.

Remember to stay focused, stay around those that encourage you, and never give up on your reasons.  But do give up on your excuses!

That brings me to my whys.
You waited awhile on hearing this but my whys are already mentioned and so are my reasons.  Sharing with you about their whys is helping you understand mine and has helped you find yours.  Has this surprised you or have you heard these things from someone else?  

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How much do you want it?
When your reasons are food, you will get up to prepare it for cooking and gather all the foods, seasonings, cookware needed.  So that you can eat and you will do this no matter how you feel sick, tired, or exhausted!  Treat your reasons like food and beverages or need be, like it is your favorite foods and beverages.   

Are you hungry yet?