I was asked why, why, why did you do it!

I was asked why, why, why did you do it!

Today I am going to tell you all about it.  This is my confession, but first before I tell you what I did, it would be best to tell you all about some of the things some people have asked me.  Since this is my story of what had happened, it will be based on my view points, and a few of theirs, that were willing to answer my why’s.  So before we start in on my why’s, of me asking them, or what I am doing, we will start with their whys.  

Why not look for a job?  Why not go back to school?  Why are you doing that? Don’t you know? That it will not last, because the company will go out of business?  Why are you telling me about this, are you trying to scam me? 

Where there is a “will” there is a way. –Unknown

“Find your reason, you will find your will and then you will find your way. “ –Christopher L.Y.

So far you’re asking, where are their whys?  Well those questions are what they asked me, because that is what they have been asked.  So they did it, they worked on getting an education, some got more education, and some went vocational schooling.  These are all forms of education but after that there is working to get a job, and before what there is interviewing.  So what is between interviewing and being educated?

Unemployed is the in between and during that area is a few things acceptance.  That means giving up or working to find a job that will interview you and after that offer a job to you.  But do you want just a job?

Position is what a lot of us seek in any relationship.  What does that mean?  A position is mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister they are positions in a family.  It’s another way to see the structure of the family. 

Another position; is those we seek in other relationships as a trainer, leader, mentor, but not many people seek such roles in life.  Usually what is sought after is firemen, doctor, lawyer, policemen, manager, and of course CEO. 

How does all this link to what has happened?  So this means we are all looking for things for positions but we do not know what we are always looking for and when we hear about it. Often we shy away from it or fears or what others have told us we let it stay in your mind, not realizing that it is for you.  Yes you can do it be an entrepreneur just pick the industry and do it.  

“Take what is good and make it apart of you, what is bad do the opposite of it.” –Christopher L.Y.  Their whys, some are good, some are not important, and some are bad.  So apply what is good and use it for your benefit and allow it to help others too.  Whys can be added up like a grocery list and all of it is food to give you energy to keep going and never give up.  But whose life are you living yours’ or someone else's or someone in your family that told you do this for me, because they cannot do it.

Interesting thing they cannot do it for whatever the reasons are or excuses are, however they pressure you to do it.  Also, they put you down for doing what you want to do, because they cannot do it.  So why should you do it?  Because they cannot do it, do not let their reasons or their fake reasons (excuses) become yours!  Never be afraid of telling anyone you are self-employed and what type of self-employment you are doing. 

As we have heard many times it’s your life and remember when they tell you something you heard a lot.  Ask them for the source who said it, was it a millionaire or billionaire or a famous, well educated, wealthy, healthy, and rich person?  

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