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Last Year
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I know what you did last summer and this summer
A lot of you did the same things that you did the summer before that.  Which is the same thing you did this summer.  A lot of you wanted different results, dreamed of it, and then saw the same things happening again. 

Does this describe your lifestyle?  Interested in hearing more?  Then keep on reading if not then stop here something else on my blog. 

Good, you kept reading and you can read something else that I had written and published on my blog later.  What you did and will do is based on what you have allowed others to do; another words what you have accepted of the person.

Here is a few examples of things and words that are accepted by you.  You have to do this, because your father wants you to go to college, he never got that chance, and he is working so hard and so many hours every day to help you go to college. 

Disclaimer: nothing against education, but do it for yourself for your reasons.

Next examples are about languages and body languages that you have accepted.  Languages: range from things that can be vulgar, cursing, and cussing.  Body language: seen by someone that is using hand gestures, slouching, and leaning on tables as though it is crutch to support your upper body.  Seeing others doing these things is seen then accepted by you. 

Disclaimer: not everyone does these things, but it does happen and it can be random or constantly and becomes a daily basis.

Changes do not have to happen in large amounts or in great sizes or all at once.  Start a change with one thing; be committed and consistent, consistent committed.  You will see the change, look back after a few months and you will see how you and your lifestyle has changed.  Be the change you want and need, leverage on others to lend you support in changing yourself.  Be with anyone that supports your dreams, ideas, and is a positive influence on you.  Be bold my friend and accept these things.

I know what you did last summer and this summer & the other seasons too.
There are many people in this world that work in a job get paid and dislike so many things about their job or the bosses.  So many people hate their jobs and the work they do or hate their bosses or both. 

But some have joined network-marketing companies as another means to reach their income.  Have you ever wonder why they do it?  Here is a super important question for you.  Something you need to ask yourself.  Something you want to ask yourself and must ask yourself right now.  Be honest to yourself and here are the questions for you.

Recap on something’s
Some group hate their jobs, want another, more pay, better hours, work only during the week, more time with family, and they do get paid.  They will need to meet quotas, get more customers, and clients.  Too get more products being completed and higher goals of quality services.  But remember they hate their job or their bosses or both. 

The other group pays money to be apart of something bigger than them.  Loves what they do even before they started getting paid consistently and still loves it when they do get paid, and get paid consistently.  Loves the positive people and energy, the products, the services.  Even when they paid for trainings they still love it and keep going back for more.  They usually volunteer some of their time to help others grow to reach their dreams and they all share some goals and go on that journey together. 

Ask a senior citizen, your parents, yourself, and a colleague.  Which would you rather do job group or entrepreneur group?  Because it is sure funny as in strange how one group most of them are paying a company not getting paid and they are so happy!  But the other one is unhappy and getting paid. 

Last questions for you.
What makes you happy?
Are you happy?
Who pays your bills them or you?
Do you hate yourself?

Stop doing the same thing’s every summer.

So decide how much is your happiness worth to you. 

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