Singapore or SG50 Celebration A National Day Parade

Singapore or SG50 Celebration
 A National Day Parade

As seen in the photograph above is about Marina Bay Sands and Marina Bay that appears to be a small parade of boats.  This particular day started the 9th of August 1965.  It is a new day added to history that will be remembered for years and years to come by so many people around the world.  Especially by Singaporeans and anyone that is married to a Singaporean another words a citizen of Singapore.  You can also read more on SINGAPORE.   

The photos and videos that have been taken would be best seen on a big screen.  Such as desktop or a large screen laptop.  Eileen does all photography and videos in HD Format; photographs include fireworks, jets, and a video that is about 7 minutes in length.  That particular video was of a video that was projected upon the Fullerton Hotel that was converted from the General Post Office Singapore.  It is a Historical location that you can read more here: FULLERTON HOTEL is across the street from the famous Merlion and you can read more on the Merlion (shown below).

Fullerton Video Show
or Light Show
Full HD (1080p)
over 7mins of video!!!

Be sure to turn up the volume &
go full screen to watch it.

As friends had invited us we sat on the walkway that is facing Marina Bay.  You will see fireworks randomly during our time there but the final display of fireworks is several minutes.  As one of our friends had said, “stop teasing me” because he wanted to see the big finish, referring to the fireworks.  

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Whilst sitting on the concrete surrounded by large number of people, we began to discover so many Singaporeans around us singing along with the songs being broadcasted on a video screen and numerous speakers.  Shouting and cheers bursts out from the large numbers of people as the jets doing their various maneuvers added to the atmosphere and joy beings shared with a lot of people. 

As we sat some of us learned those around us were from different countries there to join in on sharing and celebrating with all the Singaporeans on this great day with them.  Some were from America, Japan, India, and Philippines.  This was just in our area that we can see and hear and it is very likely many more people from various countries were and they are celebrating with our Singaporean family and friends.

The videos are not mobile (smartphone) friendly sorry for the inconvenience. However I have used other formats and each have failed to work on a smartphone.  This video below is done in a different method to resolve the issue. 

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Remember to go full screen & turn on the sound
to hear the fireworks videos. 

Fireworks Finale

Congratulations to all Singaporeans and everyone else that contributed to making, building, and maintaining Singapore!

Blessed 50th Birthday Singapore!

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