Some Friends in a Elevator Two Short Stories

Some Friends in a Elevator
Two Short Stories

Three friends are joking around in a elevator and they are improvising things while people go in and out of the elevator to the different floors.  As we ride the elevator we do many different things.  Now you have the premise to the stories, here are two of them.   To make it easier the names are changed to protect anyone from embarrassments. 

Ready to Bolt

Zeak, Drake, and Katric waiting to see who comes onto the elevator (lift) next.  This time a guy dressed business casual got on at the 19th floor, which gave them time to joke around with him.  Standing at the very back of the elevator and each one of them motioning to the other about things.  He turns around wondering why they are moving and catches them scratching in different places.  Pretending he saw nothing they continue and then started hinting by saying things.

Drake asks, Zeak what did he say? Zeak replied, you mean the doc? Drake, Yeah. Zeak, it says it will last a week.  As they speak to each other improving it all they keep from laughing and do their best to maintain a serious look. As Katric stays quiet as though she does not know anyone, moves to the back corner of the elevator.  Drake slowly moves back to the other corner leaving Zeak near to the center of the elevator. 

Pausing for a short time before adding more to their on-going skit.  They struggle to keep a straight face as Zeak scratches more and Drake asking in a whisper, did you get anything from the doc, like ointment?  Zeak, ya but it is not working.  Drake asks, contagious?  Zeak responds, highly contagious.

Suddenly Katric and Drake push against the walls of the elevator asking him to stay back, cringing in their corners.  During all this time that guy has been moving closer and closer to the doors, soon as it reached the lobby, the guy is ready to bolt and he sure does!  Then they started laughing. 

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Perceived Impressions

Drake is dressed in business casual, Katric wearing a very nice dress, and Zeak is dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.  Two people enter the elevator and began talking as the doors opened, but after the doors closed they had stopped. 

Drake asks Zeak if he has any more money to loan him?  Zeak says again your borrowing money from me.  How much do you want this time?  Drake replies, hey, you are my friend and have lots of money.  Zeak, does not respond.  Katric looks at Zeak then Drake and says you two are at it again.  Ask someone else not me.  Drake then asks the two for money and smiles to appear friendlier.  The two people to the front of the elevator and say they have no change.  Then Drake asks every one of them again, come on guys just give me some money.  It is not a big deal and I really need it, want it, and got to have it.  Come on guys I am not addicted.  Really I am not! 

Two people, standing nearer to the elevator controls and pushing the buttons a few times very quickly.  Drake someone must have forty-five cents to spare.  Zeak responds, you think a man in basically a suit could afford a coke.  Katric, responds with laughter and then says that’s what it is about?  Last time it was for a fudge brownie. 

As the two people left, Drake says loudly, guys it coke cola!  They, the two people started laughing as they looked back and said, you guys really had us going! 

Which story did you enjoy most?  Why did you like it?  What did you learn from the two stories?  Did you know they both have somethings in common? Enjoy life, living life, and be bold my friend.  Remember do things that will not harm anyone.

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