Stop Worrying It’s Only Dating!

Stop Worrying It’s Only Dating!

First it’s about you
Are you scared of dating?  Are you already worried about dating before you asked the person out?  Are you thinking about your clothes being in style?  Are you thinking you are to fat or to skinny?  Are you feeling nervous?  Are you feeling that your not smart enough?

Still thinking its about you
Focused more on you?  Focused more on what you have done?  Have thoughts about these and other questions.  Will anyone ever like me?  Maybe I am meant to be single?

It’s time
Ever hear the saying, wake up and smell the coffee?  Well it’s time for you to realize that it is about you but not all about you.  To date someone you will need to ask him or her to join you at a place, time, and date on the calendar. 

Imagine a woman or a man asking you to meet for coffee?  Would you be upset that the person did or more upset that the person did not do it?

The scary questions
Will you go out with me?  Are you busy this Friday night?  Some of these questions can be very scary.  To the point you are sitting on the toilet, because your nervousness is running on triple overtime. 

Ask yourself this question instead; can you love, without loving someone more than loving someone?  Next question to ask, can you go without being loved more than being loved by someone? 

Depending on your answers to whether your fears of asking someone to meet you for coffee or lunch or dinner or a movie, another words for anything.  So you getting over it depend on you. 

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What is worse?
Some are so scared, so afraid, so fearful and they prevent themselves from doing what they need to do or want to do in their life time.  When they get near the end of it they regret and sometimes cry or get mad about it.  Wanting to know why they let it get, why did they let things go for so long like that, and sometimes it hurts them so much they give up on life and die. 

What is worse living life or existing?  What is worse a life filled with a bucketlist waiting to be filled as you regret not doing it or a lifelist and your doing now?  What is worse living with love, friendship, and passion for your life and your dreams for those you love or saying negative words to yourself and others, fearing what might be that is based on if you said this or do that to this person or people, and going by your past relationships (including the lack of relationships and intimacy)?

Someone asked me about my work that I do.  Asked me what is my position, how much money do you make, and what have you done?  My past does not determine my future.  My past does not determine what I will do.  It does not determine what you will do, it does not determine what your future will be.