The word “Why” can be a very Powerful word or very Annoying word

The word “Why” can be a very Powerful word
or very Annoying word

We are familiar with it being an annoying word.  Here are some reminders of how the word why can be most annoying.  A little kid asks why are we going?  Why do we have to go?  Why do I have to go?  Why are you making me go?  Why do I have to do my homework now?

Then there is the power of why that can shape who we are and form our lifestyle. 

Negative Why
Stems from childhood fears that can be amusement parks, theme parks, going to school.  These types of things form the why are you making me…. And why do I have too… and other why’s all referring to fears and the cause of that is pain or discomfort.

Positive Why
For those that have dated and first time seeing a girl felt the why of being a motivational affect.  To get up from where you are seated, go over to the girl, and then ask ….. but there are other types of positive why.  When we heard a teacher call our name as we start to get up the teacher says great job, you got an A+ on your paper.  We have this praising words and encouragement to be further motives; pleasure.  Yes all positive forms of why.

What is your Why
You can form a list and what you think is your why is usually not it.  Finding your why is hard work, takes a long time for some to find it.  What gets you out of bed and going to school, or going to do the job searches, or getting up to be interviewed.  Also what is your why for getting up every day for years and years to work in that job?  What is your why for being an entrepreneur?  Keep looking for your why by writing out a list of what you think it is then eventually what you believe it is and you will find it by being honest with yourself.

But it helps when you do not give up and you keep searching for your why.  Either it is pain or pleasure that is your driving force to your why.  Either you are going away or going towards something or someone. 

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Now you found it, what’s next?
Will your why keep you in school, in a job search, in a job, or being an entrepreneur.  If yes, then you will not easily be convinced to quit, to give up, and you will hear no’s but push them as though it was merely speed bumps.  That had slowed you down for a period of time but certainly did not stop you!

Some Deeply rooted Why
Someone you love, children.  Been told you were going to pass on in a certain period of time and now you started a lifelist.  That is you goals are set and they are clear, to have no regrets and fulfill all that you can on that lifelist before another day especially another year passes by.  That if you do not do this you will regret it, that it drives you crazy if you do not do it, or its been your dream and it is all you think about or you think about it every day.  

Now you are ready to get started!
Write it down in your smartphone, on your computer, and write it on post-its around your dwelling and work place or school.  Now you have a choice to do it, so do it.  Are you ready to get started?  Good!  Get started by figuring out what is your dream, is it a burning desire or passion that you want to do?

Is it fulltime vacationer? 
Mine is to be able to go where I want to, when I want to, with whom I want to, and as often as I want to vacation. That to me is a fulltime vacationer and I am working on vacationing fulltime.