You are a Flirt But are you a Big Flirt?

You are a Flirt
But are you a Big Flirt?

Flirting without knowing
Is this even possible?  For some they really are clueless about flirting anyone doing it and that someone else is flirting with her/him.

Different types of flirting
But all of these are done by words.  When there are words, the body will follow along with the words you are using.  It is the same when you say that you feel good or bad, the body goes along with your words.

Flirting for Fun
Flirting to get freebies
Flirting to get a date
Flirting to get the sale
Flirting to complete the sell
Flirting with the one you love

Flirting with body
Eyes are actually one of the most receptive ways of flirting; they receive more than they give.  People see lips more by one person than the other person in most conversations.  Did you know that hands are a good form of flirting and often tell you things about a person’s character, thoughts, and personality? 

Does flirting matter to you?  Of course it does and do you know why?  Want to know why it matters?  Keep reading.

A matter of flirting
Whether you like it or not and know it or not; it is a form of communication, that helps you to understand questions and give better questions too. Since it does that it does help with answering questions more effectively too. 

It helps with dating, jobs, positions, education, and loans.  Several surveys and studies have shown that good looking people get more loans, accepted during job interviews, raises, and promotions.  Flirting is linked to these activities by words and body language.  

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Dare to be challenged
Would you dare not to flirt for 2 hours and then flirt for 2hrs?  Compare your personal results and see how it holds up for your part of the world.  Which yields better results to flirt or not to flirt?  Always keep it friendly and never take it to far, remember you do not always know the consequences.  

How much does flirting affect you and your lifestyle around you?

Always remember to respect relationships.