It Takes At least Two To Do Just About Anything

It Takes At least Two
To Do Just About Anything

It takes at least two people to do many things in this world.  We enjoy life more when just sharing what we do, what we say, and what we dream of doing with just one more person.  But in this sharing I am going to explain about just some types of two’s that you will already know about.  But most of you did not get it until now and then you will have a “oh yeah!” moment. 

It takes at least two to fight
It is very difficult to fight with yourself, and sure you can think out-loud or as some call it “weigh the pros and cons” of something.  However you look at politics and there are two sides to it.  When you think of abortion there is for and against it.  When you think of many of the subjects or things to debate it will have at least two sides to it.  You have lawyers that prosecute and defend; again it takes at least two to fight.  Any relationship you name has to have at least two, to form a relationship.  

It takes at least two to dance
You sure would look ridiculous dancing on stage or on the dance floor by yourself, right?  But we feel a lot better dancing with at least one other person next to you, especially with you.  Consider for a moment line dancing that is a lot of people dancing, now think of any music video you see several dancing in it, the same with stage performances.  It takes at least two people to dance and help it so interesting, great, and fun to do, along with watching dancers perform too. Enjoy life, that is what you can do, and do that by making the choice to do it.


It takes at least two to express love
There are many ways to express love it can be praising words, sharing time something that is precious and unique, because you cannot earn it, achieve it, or be given it by any person.  The love of a father to a child, the love of a mother to a child, the love of a child to a parent, the love of siblings, the love of husband and wife and the love of anyone that you love, including friends or any other person in your family.  It takes at least to people to express love.  Love can be expressed with gifts, smiles, laughter, hugs, and kisses.  Of course sex between husband and wife (marriage). 

It takes at least two Abba and you
When you are feeling angry or when you are feeling sad or when you are feeling happy or when you are feeling joy.  Remember He is always with You, He is our Lord Jesus, our GOD.  There is no greater love than agape love that Abba GOD has for you and me.  He first loved you long before you loved Him, when we understand how deep and how wide then we start to love our Abba our Lord Jesus.  He knows everything you have said and done sand still loves you.  

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