What Gets You Excited?

What Gets You Excited?


There is going to sound adult but it is not about what you think it is about. Nor is it about details so keep calm, relax, and remember it’s a blessing to our lives too. 

Lets go ahead and get to what gets you excited.  Are you ready to get started? My answer is, born ready! My favorite answer is, “Ready, willing, and able.” –Christopher L. Y.

For some hearing about certain foods just entices your taste buds and so many of your senses.  For some Singaporeans that would be durian aka king of fruits and for others it would be chili crab or black chicken and yes it is little black chicken.  It is not a cooking mistake and the chicken some how got burned. 

Some people have a preference that pushes their excitement level up for drinks like teh (milk with tea) or beer or some other favorites lychee or coconut drinks. 

Theme parks
Yes, that is very exciting to many people the rides the rush of adrenaline and the anticipation of the each ride adds to it, especially during the rides.  Maybe your favorite rides that gets you excited is Transformers Ride, Superman, Batman, log rides are always great, their so cool. 

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Oh My Google-Gosh! Yes sex is what gets many of you excited in more than one way.  But it is always best to do that with someone you are in love with, that is in love with you, and you are both married to each other.  The love of a husband and wife is so amazing that adds a lot more excitement to the experience of sex.  

When you can go on vacation and get paid. That would get many people excited.  Vacationing is another level of it, get paid, get savings, and vacation often. Traveling where you want to, when you want to, and as often as you want to and especially with who you want too.  Are you getting excited yet?

What gets you excited?  
For some of you it is all the above for some it is hearing the word of our Lord Jesus and how we are blessed with all of these things and yes sex is a blessing. GOD, Himself said be fruitful and multiply.  Abraham is the father of many nations, how, because at a late age in life he was blessed with miracles; children for him and his wife Sarah.  Amen.