WTF!!! What This Friday!!!

What This Friday!!!

I know what you were thinking, seems you just had a passing thought, and it was rather naughty.  Right?  Seriously though, after reading the title you realized it is not what you thought it was, right? 

What it is about?
This is about something you have not done. 
Friday is the start of weekend, to some a three-day weekend to some its like two and half days.  For some other people it is ending of the work week, but for another group its another work day. 

Friday can be the game changer, the transformation you needed, the beginning of a new lifestyle.  You have been daydreaming, wishing, wanting, and praying.  Perhaps it is not all of these things at least a few of them.  So it is better to get started now unless you are working on never? 


Yes this Friday start on what your dreaming about.  You will feel a lot better about living your life instead of existing.  Stop watching your life pass you by. 

Wake UP and smell the coffee!

Are you looking for someone to encourage you?
Want help in what you want to do ?
Perhaps you do not know how to get started?

We know what we know, but some people dare to do what many say cannot be done.
Start working on your dreams, your businesses, and dare to dream big!
Remember Japan has all kinds of themed restaurants too.
You really can pursue your dreams! 

Fresh Approach
What every your dreams are, why not do something you like or love and then take that to be as your stepping stone to another dream.  Join a network marketing business that has a global reach.  Then you are not limiting yourself on potential income and when the economy is slow in one country it can be good or fast in others. Use that income to build up a good savings. Use that money to help fund another business and being able to leverage on a network of people allows for the option of having time freedom to work on another business. 

What amount of Time passes before you have Fun in your life? 

Questions for you, why do some people have a job complain about it? Also they get paid, but still complain about their income too?

Something to consider when thinking why join a network marketing company.  Next questions for you, why do people pay to join, pay for training, enjoy what they do, what they share, and keep doing it, until they do get paid?  Most of them that do not get paid or do get paid some times or get paid often all have something that they share.  They love it and keep doing it some volunteer to help with training events too. 

So which is more important to you?  Being in the group with paying out but happy or the group that gets paid and does not pay for training's but complains often? 

Now you might say their crazy, well job or no job some people we have met in our lifetime is crazy.  Another question for you to shake up your sleepy mind with and get you started on your dreams.

Who is going to ever pay your bills?  Just you, right?  So what does it matter what anyone thinks about you? Lets really shake things up, a few more questions to get your mind going.  

This made the TV NEWS!!! 

Are they really your friend?
When you share free things people are easily your friends. When you ask for help where are they?  Have you ever asked for money, help me move, help me pack, or asked for emotional support in pursuing your dreams? 

“Those you think are your friends, are those you think are your friends.” –Christopher L.Y.  

Do you get what that quote is telling you?  What you think is what you think!  Does not mean it is what they think about you.  Thinking and knowing is two different things and the difference between is like Grand Canyon. 

Who is responsible for your happiness, your peace, your future, and your incomes?  Take notice I said incomes that means having one job is like having one basket, we talk about the basket and eggs being all in it. We know when that basket is gone the eggs can break.  Because everything might fall apart, to prevent that, have a few different sources of income and then those eggs can be distributed more evenly.  Everything studies, schooling, training, jobs, and being an entrepreneur all require working hard.  So add the play hard work hard and remember to enjoy what you are doing while you do it.

To paraphrase Steve Jobs .. stay hungry and stay foolish.

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