Five Suggestions to Better Relationships

Five Suggestions to Better Relationships

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When speak people do you want to say something before they finish?  Have you thought of what you are going to say before they even start talking?  Stop doing any of those types of things and hear what is being shared with you.  Hearing the answers to your questions is important.  Why else would you ask the questions or be with the person?  Your time is important just as theirs’ is important them too. 

See the smiles, their eyes, and their laughs.  See what they wear, their hairstyle, and the many times they look into your eyes, they smile at you, and them noticing your style of clothes and hairstyle too. 

Working on combining all of these into a daily event.  That they become automatic for you and then a far less effort is needed to do it.  Working on another step that is helping and sharing.  Do not always ask and just do it.  Seek those new experiences that can be done by helping and sharing your time. 

Understanding the others greatly helps you know when to speak and what to speak about.  Sometimes it is more important to be in silence than to utter a word. 

Three types of touch the each affect a different aspect of who you are and those around you.  Touching the heart, the mind, and the body.  Many people can touch the body; it is so much easier to do than the other two.  The next is the heart a little more of a challenge but easy and not easier.  However, the mind is the most difficult to touch of the three.  

You want to know what happens next?  Apply them to your personal relationships expand them into your working relationships.  Eventually you will do it for all of your relationships.