The Friends that you think you have Are the Friends that you think that you have!

The Friends that you think you have

Are the Friends that you think that you have!


Ready for a big challenge it could be scary.  Grab a pen or pencil and paper then write down every name that comes to mind.  Including those in your family everyone that you think is your friend.

Now here is the scary part of it.  Make it like an excel sheet with columns going down the page and put at the top of it a reference to each of these questions.  After that place a X into the box by the name of the person who would do it.  

A.  Who can I call to watch a movie with?
B.  Who would meet me for coffee or tea or soda?
C.  Who would have a meal with me?
D.  Who would defend me if someone accused me of anything?
E.   Who would donate their time to help me move or study or build a business?
F.    Who would support me financially or emotionally in encouraging me to accomplish my dreams?
G.  Who would die for me?
H.  Who would I support financially or emotionally to accomplish their dreams?
I.     Who would I want to do share things with?
J.    Who would I want to share my time with?
K.  Who is important to me my family, my friends, or my job?
L.   What would my friend(s) write on my tombstone?

Where you share the most of your time at is telling everyone that loves you what is most important to you!  Did you get side tracked with what is important to you?  We know it is those we love that is the priority of importance.  However someone is going to say you do not understand that I need this job to support my family to pay bills.  That is ridiculous thing to say, as though only you have that exclusive experience.  Do you think that is something you have a monopoly on it?  

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What is absurd is thinking that your family is so important but you give them so little of your time.  Time cannot be given, earned, or traded, this is not a sci-fi movie, and this is your life!  Stop trading that precious time that you can have with your family and friends for that job.  This is your life we are talking about and it does not matter what your family says or your friends that you think that you have.  

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Why did you make this list?  It is to show you that you are putting that job over your family those friends over your family.  If you say that is it not, then write down how many hours you are with your family, your friends, and that job.  Do this take up this challenge do it for one week.  I dare you to do it, do it for yourself and those you love.  

When was the last time you saw your wife or your husband or your child or you parents or someone else in your family?  When you are more worried about what your friends think that is an issue to be resolved.  Start up your own business be an entrepreneur open a franchise or do network marketing, buy and sell products type of business or do an online business or start up a business providing services. 

Make it fun, interesting, and exciting, maybe you will do what I am doing travel business which is fun, interesting, exciting, educational, and beautiful seeing all of those places too.