Trust is kind of like Money

Trust is kind of like Money

How is trust kind of like money?  Every time you walk any where on the sidewalks or the parks.  You are on some level of trust with those driving their automobiles around you.  That they will drive without being on drugs or alcohols or with an expired drivers license.  Most people motivated by something is driving with a current license or at least with obeying the laws for it. 

Another way to tap into trust is by taking what people share with you as truth and therefore facts.  But with only some measure of it not a full amount of trust is given to anyone. 

We have heard such sayings or forms of expressions like these:

Trust me, I know what I am talking about.
I trust you with all of my heart.
Trust me I will never stop loving you.

Trust is kind of like money and here it the metaphor of why it is like it. But it sure is NOT money and at most a mere shred of it.  Trust can be given, shared, and earned.

Shared, when a married couple is having sex you are trusting one another with being seeing nude that no one will mock the other or bully about how anyone is when nude.  Is there not some form of reservation of how you look, the face, the legs, the stomach but something that you would rather no one ever see or at least not that often.  

Given, can be when you ask your friend or child or parent to do something for you. You trust that person to complete a task or duty.

Earned, that can happen in any relationship.  You earn trust by many ways doing what you say you will do.  Trust is usually based on actions more than words and always linked to emotions in some way or another to increase that trust or remove it.

Trust issues you have that with someone but someone out there is saying trust science or trust this, which comes from man that there is no GOD.  Because they want you to trust science but over the decades science has proven it was wrong, science continues to prove somethings to be wrong.  It is like a person saying this is the facts then later says now this is the facts, trust me.

There are trust issues because you trust what mankind says and expect to get your mind around things that mankind still cannot completely answer. It is theories about the universe, remember that and that it comes from man. Trusting man on this but not trusting man about your money. Trusting man about your health but deny that GOD exists that He is alive and loves you. This is misplaced trust and often men and women and children do this over a lot of different types of relationships.  Especially with the relationship that they do not know about and yet deny hearing about it.  The relationship is with our Lord Jesus, with our Abba GOD.

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Takes trust to get trust.  Therefore you give a little trust and when the person reciprocates by trusting you back. Then it has been given by one and earned, but there is another way to have trust formed.  Both people give trust and then both have shared it and earned it without realizing that it had happened.

A man asked a lady for coffee, she agrees to meet him and shows up.

What can be learned from that short story of what had happened with two people?  He gave her trust by asking, she could have said no or something harsh to him.  Instead she agrees and had met him, again she gave him trust by saying yes and both gave more by showing up.  A bond of trust has been made, it is their choice to continue, just as it is their choice to just accept they are friends. What does it take to have trust or to have friends?  Just make the choice!

Do you see the relationship that trust and money kind of have?  Perhaps trust is not like money but money is based on trust that it was added into it. I am sure trust existed before money was invented.  What are your thoughts about trust and money?