You think that you are unattractive Then this is for you to read!

You think that you are unattractive

Then this is for you to read!

Many ways to be attractive some consist of being in the mind, some are in the heart, and some are part of the body.  We are all blessed in so many different ways.  You are blessed to have those that love you.  You are blessed to have someone to love.  The Lord Jesus loves you and knows all about your sins.  Knows what is in your mind and heart and continues to love you.  Agape love is vastly different than the love a lot of people have heard about. 

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All in Appearance
This refers to every one of you.  Got your attention?  That is what the body is meant to do and clothes, makeup, perfume, cologne are there to draw your attention to the body.  They are designed to compliment your body in various ways.  So when you buy the right style, design, and colours of clothing it accentuates your body type and more.  You are not perfect but you can find someone that might look perfect to you.  However the body is, it is going to have some parts of it that are more attractive than other parts.  To some people they will compare their body to yours and say your eyes are more… or your eyes are so cute! 

Lets Get Mental
When you use intelligence or street smart or imagination you will attract people in this way too.  We have noticed how some are average in appearance but attract many people.  Some we have heard are brilliant at one thing or great at a few things.  So many people are want to meet them, talking with them, and follow them on social media too. 

This can be seen on social media with those with beauty in the heart or their appearance. 

“The mind is meant to guide the heart and not rule over It.”  –Christopher L.Y.

You Have Heart
There are a lot of different types of love.  The love you have for your foods or beverages or parents.  The love you have for yourself is different than the love you have for your spouse or your children. 

Doing things from your heart brings out the passion from within.  As we have heard before love what you do and do what you love.  You will want to do it longer and you will have no regrets in doing it. 

Many people will see the passion in your eyes, in your actions, and they will hear it in your words and by the words you speak. 

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Rhetorical Queries
How do you attract someone? Looks.
How do you keep someone coming back? Heart.
How will I know when it’s the right person? Mind.

Attract or Attraction
How would you want to be attractive to someone?
How do you want to be treated?
How do you set your mind to be for the day so you are treated that same way?

“Looks are meant to attract, but the heart and mind is what keeps them coming back.” –Christopher L.Y. 

Now that you are done reading this one and still need to hear more about being loved?  When someone loves you they do not focus on your mistakes or faults they just love you. Read here for another way that you are loved and accepted. No matter how many mistakes!