I have got it!

I have got it!

I have got it!  Every body wants it.  A lot of people do not know what it is.  Too many people think they found it.  Many people keep searching for it.  Many more people find it, but keep looking for it.

Some people cannot have it.
Some people will see it, but refuse to accept it.
Some people will hear it, but refuse to accept it.

You can make the choice the power is given to you and you alone. 

Some people found it, had it, and yes thought they lost it all.
Some people just found it when they were very young.
Some people just found it when they were very old.

It was never lost you were lost!
As long as you got it, you got it! 

Meaning some people got it and thought they lost it, but you cannot lose it.  Its all in your mind that you think this way or feel this way. 

Want to know what everyone is looking for?  Want to know why the world gives it a lot of different names?  Because they are part of that “some people” they refused it in some way or another.  It has always been there long before anyone that is ever lived or is living. 

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Do you want to know what it is? 
You will be very surprised but it will answer a lot, a lot of questions.  Provided you are ready and willing to hear the answer?  I will share what it is, but first it is not a thing.  It is not any animal.   It is not a plant.  It is actually a person.  Yes you read that right.  What they and what you have been looking for is a thing.  However, what they and what you need to look for is a person.  His name is Christ Jesus; He is our Lord, our GOD. 

He is the way the truth and the light of the world.  When you follow the Lord Jesus you will be lead to all new levels of understanding, peace, and much more.